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In your bag #252 – Jesse Kraal

2 min read

In your bag number 252, Jesse Kraal Todays bag is sweet, and not just because of the fantastic range of cameras contained, but also because of the bag itself. It is so cool that I actually want one. Come and check it out.

In my bag….my buying bag

2 min read

In my bag…my buying bag I have been asked by several people what I carry around when I am out on the hunt, so I thought I would show you what I was using today. Come and have a peek inside my super buyers bag…

In your bag number 242, Heiko Krause This is a bag that I have had in the archives for a while and I have finally been able to get up on the site. A very well organized bag for you all the way from Germany.

In your bag number 210, A.R. Hasni Another bag for you from Malaysia today. There seems to be a lot of these lately. And this bag has a fantastic old Mamiya in it, not bad for a 16 year old. Let’s have a look…

In your bag number 175, Sam Haller We have a cool bag from a 15 year old today, who despite his youth has some serious gear in his bag. Come and see what this young guy has in his bag…

In your bag number 170, Paul Wilhelmsen Todays bag comes to you from Silicon Valley, how’s about that? Though this bag is much more retro than high tech. Check out the first bag I have featured containing a tape measure.

In your bag number 164, Max Huber We have a massively loaded camera bag for you today. I am not sure how Max carries this thing around, but he must have a very strong back. Check it out.

In your bag number 163, Sapphire St Wow, today we have a lady bag, which is full of lomo, has a load of shots and comes from Malaysia. Super cool! And what a name too, Sapphire…Come and check out what she has in her bag.

In your bag number 160, Jesse Freeman We have a cool bag today from a cool guy. Jesse Freeman is a good mate and a really nice bloke too. His bag reflects his style. I am very happy to feature this bag.

In your bag number 159, Dr. Alfred Weidinger The doctor is in the house! Dr. Weidinger has been kind enough to share his bag and the details of his fantastic photo project with us. There is also a very special camera in this bag. So lets see what the Doctor has in his bag…