In your bag 313, Mark
Mark is mysterious, only Mark. But his bag is not. It is awesome. This is a really nice bag shot and it has some lovely gear in it.
check it out.

My name is Mark and currently reside in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  I’ve been shooting film since I had my hands on father’s Yashica GSN.  I didn’t really stop until I caught the bug with the digital.  I just didn’t want to keep sending my film away to wait and pay.  It was just easier and cheaper for me to download, process and upload.

Few years ago, I started shooting film again here and there and even contacted the infamous Japan Camera Hunter in April 20th, 2012.  I was researching for the next camera body.  I knew I wanted a Leica since I had the Yashica and because it’s no pocket change, I was taking extra time to be even more picky.  I wrote a reply back after asking what the going rate was for a M6 TTL. I wrote back to Bellamy after his reply on my phone, so pardon my spelling error and wrong choice of word.  Blame auto correct:

“I am just about to get my feet wet in the world of Leica and I would rather order from you than ebay. I am also trying to determine the lens. I know I would enjoy the 35mm or 50mm but I am pretty picky. Once I have figured out I will email you. I may not order right away but I appreciate the information you have given Mr. Will be in touch.
Thanks again.

I still have not yet pursued and obtained the M6 TTL that I had in question or the lens.  It’s hard for me to justify at this time when I’m having a hard time to go out to shoot often to fully utilize the camera that needs to be shot everyday, so for now, I will do what I can with what I have.

What you see is my film toys that you would find in one of my four bags.  One of my bag that is being converted is what you see.  J. Crew bag that I had purchased back in 2000.  Currently, I use the inserts from various bags that I have and use it as a camera bag once in awhile.  Pardon my digital toys.  I need my nexus tablet and nexus phone for conversations, surfing, email and occasional photo editing.

I mostly shoot Neopan 400 and just tried out the TRI-X 400.  I haven’t yet shot the Redscale 100 before and I’m eager to try it out on the WARDS XP 500A, which looks exactly like the Konica EE-Matic.  It’s the only film camera at this time for me to shoot without any battery.

The Yashica has been awesome with results and continue to be one of the fun camera for B&W.
The Canon EOS Elan was acquired back when I was in High School.  I mostly use the Canon EOS 40mm f/2.8 STM because it’s a pancake and it’s sharp.  Next lens on the street that I use is the Distagon T* 2.8/21 ZE.  Other lenses, 85L & 135L, I mostly use with my digital body, but it does get a use out of it time to time. I may not have any fancy beer or other accessories, but what I would normally have is an ice latte or water to keep me hydrated.  This month’s to do list is to develop 3 X Neopan 400, 1 X Neopan 100, 1 X TRI-X 400.  I can’t wait to see how it turned out!


World as I know it in random order

Thanks for sharing your bag and thoughts with us Mark. I remember that mail, I was wondering if you had made a decision yet.
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