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In your bag 320, Joe Hockley This lovely set up comes as a three way shot. Joe has split the gear up into different layouts. The configurations are the same, but there are basically three different shots. I like this and I have decided to include it. Check out this cracking bag.

In your bag 317, Robb Hohmann Wow, just wow. Look at this amazing bag we have for you today. A Hasselblad lovers dream. It has just about everything inside. Check it out.

In your bag 292, Petr Vorel Todays bag is really nice, and Petr should definitely not ba ashamed of it. Definitely an artists bag, lets have a look at what Petr has inside…

In your bag 291, Colin Corneau Colin has been on the site before, featured as bag number 71. And he is back, this time with his Nepal bag. With a cool set of gear and a great purpose. Come and check out this great bag.

In your bag 286, Daniel MacDonald Not only is todays bag awesome, it is going places. Daniel has now embarked on a world trip with his family and this little set up. Should be a great trip. Check it out.

In your bag 282, Alex Espinosa Todays bag comes to you all the way from Uruguay! Alex is a documentary photographer and he shares his work bag with us today. A completely digital bag for a change. Check it out.

In your bag number 234, Fridolin Messerer A great bag for you today, this time from Germany. Fridolin is young, but he already has a passion for photography that is only going to grow. Check out his gear and his bag…

In your bag number 218, RE Casper A super duper west coast bag for you today. This bag is coming to you from San Francisco and is loaded with goodies. Come and see what RE Casper keeps in his bag…

In your bag number 205, Suraj Bhamra We have a cool bag for you today. Not just because it is a bag that I own too, but because it has a massive Mamiya RZ67 inside. Come and see what Suraj has in his bag.