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In your bag 336, Colin Templeton Todays bag looks fantastic. Check out that beaten and battered old Domke bag, that has definitely seen some action over its lifetime. Come and read more about Colin’s bag.

In your bag number 237, Mirko Genduso I have a lovely bag for you today, all the way from sunny Sicily! And this bag has a musical instrument in it too. I like it when bags have instruments in them, they look like a lot of fun.

In your bag number 227, Norman Montifar Back to the bag shots today, and this one is lovely. A professional photographer who shoots street in his spare time. Come and see what is in this simple and beautiful bag.

In your bag number 132, Matthew Maber Lordy lord, we have a double whammy for you today. 2 bags for the price of one! That is correct, Matthew is going to show us both of his bags today…

In your bag number 101, Edwin Van Nuil We reached a milestone yesterday, with the 100th bag, but we must carry on. So here is no 101, all the way from Holland. Check out Mr. Van Nuil’s bag, a rather fetching Thinktank. Over to you Edwin…

In your bag number 90, Alex Bourassa-Young Another day goes by and another bag comes to us to share. This time the bag is from Canada. The bag itself is one that I actually own as well, so that is always nice to see. Anyway, to the Bag Cave, Alex….

In your bag #83 – Neal Thorley

2 min read

In your bag number 83, Neal Thorley Hello there baglovers, we have another bag from Townsville in Australia for you. How about that then? The world is smaller that it seems. But this bag isn’t, it’s a whopper….

In your bag number 59, Harold Passini Hi there baglovers, we have another cracking bag for you today. This belongs to Harold who is from…er France…I think. Judging by Harold’s fantastic website, which is all in French. So, without further ado, over to you Harold:

In your bag #32 – Yours truly

3 min read

In your bag number 32, Meeeeeee from Tokyo Hello all of you lovely bag lovers, how are you all today? Today I have a very special bag for you indeed….Mine! Yes, that is right I thought it about time that you had a look at one of my daily bags. I have a whole load […]