In your bag number 237, Mirko Genduso
I have a lovely bag for you today, all the way from sunny Sicily! And this bag has a musical instrument in it too. I like it when bags have instruments in them, they look like a lot of fun.

My name is Mirko and I am from Palermo, Sicily. I’m studying Architecture at the 3rd year.
I often shoot with a Yashica FX-3 and sometimes, when I want to joke, a Holga 120N with an adapted, expired, anonymus 35mm film for making some collages after the develop. I use to walk with my moleskine where i put everything I want: logos, old polaroids, drawings, simple sketches and writed thoughts. I am on a roadtrip from Italy to Germany, Austria and Chzec Republic for about two weeks.

My gallery is at

My bag is a handmade military one I’ve found and brought in a market of used stuff in Sicily.
It contains a Yashica Fx-3 super 200, a Holga 120N and a Nikon D80; some 35mm b/w films such as Efke 25Asa, three Ilford HP5 and a Kodak 120mm colour film, a Nikkor 35mm and a Yashica ML 52mm ; my phone, Ray-Bann sunglasses, a moleskine sketchbook (You can see an ugly sketched version of Frank Zappa drawn inside), my old casio and a tiny ukulele.

Short and sweet, that is great. Thanks for sharing your lovely bag with us Mirko. I love the bag itself, it looks really cool. And I also love the ukulele. A great way to have a break.
Check out Mirko’s gallery and make sure you come and comment too.

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