In your bag number 238, Thomas Trevilla
Wow, todays bag comes from NZ and is owned by a 14 year old! 14! I wish I had a setup like this was I was 14. Thomas is a very lucky young man. Let’s see what he has in his bag…

My name is Thomas Trevilla, I’m 14 years old (Young, I know), from Auckland, New Zealand. And this is my bag!

I used to shoot completely digital but I’m leaning towards transitioning to film completely (not permanently though), if I choose to switch over, I’ll buy a R.F – Voigtlander bessa’s or the classic leicas – M3/M4-P.

I have a beige “Prescripto” messenger bag, not a camera bag though so I purchased a tenba “Photo Insert” to house my gear.

– Canon 1000d – Great camera, purchased it two years ago, helped me learn the basics. I used gaffers tape to cover up the logos, it looks slightly more ‘Discrete’ without all the white text on the camera.
– Nifty Fifty (Canon 50mm 1.8) Great optics, cheap build quality, but I was astonished at the results I got from the lens.
– YN560, in-expensive, powerful and fully manual, I don’t use it on the street though (still haven’t found the courage to do so!)
– Two spare batteries for the 1000d (just in case)
– Extra sd’s

– Canon TLB, built like a tank, 32 years old and still going. Just purchased it, yet to see the results!
– Canon FD 50mm 1.8 S.C, like the nifty fifty, in expensive but it’s a real bargain, wish they would still use primes as standards but I guess convenience comes first these days…
– Minolta Hi-Matic G, 35mm film point and shoot, built well, like the TLB, just purchased it, yet to see the results…
– Films: Five rolls of Fuji Neopan 400 b&w film, great IQ, fine grain with lots of contrast. I also use Lucky Super 200 film (Not in picture), cheap, but still quite good, I use it for long trips where I don’t want to use the neopan.

– My smartphone, which is always with me.
– My notebook (not in picture)
– If I need it, I’ll bring my laptop with me.

Links where you can find me:

That’s all, Thanks :)

– Thomas

Thanks for sharing your bag with us Thomas, I am envious of you, having the chance to shoot like this at your age. I think if you keep at it you could have a great future with this. Good luck.
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