In your bag No: 1495 – Martin Fagerås

Martin has a beautifully simple setup for us. Not a spot of fluff in sight, all purpose. Check it out.
I’m Martin, I live in Oslo and work as a user experience and visual designer in a advertising agency.
In my spare time i shoot, i shoot a lot.

When i was a lot younger than i am now i shot film, basically because there was no other viable option, but as with most photographers the transition to digital happened, and film was a faint memory of inconvenience and hassle.

Until recently i basically only shot with two digital Leicas, i was happy in the digital workflow, probably just because i had forgotten how special film really was. What happened was that me and my father, an old photographer himself, started the huge task of selecting and scanning hes old negative archive of shots with sentimental value for the family with the purpose of making a book.

In this process i fell head over heels in love with film again.
Nowadays i barely touch my digital cameras, and my analog kit is a wonderful Leica M4 from 1969 and a delightful Leica M-A thats just a couple of years old. I use the same trio of lenses as on digital, a 35mm Summilux f/1.4 ASPH FLE, 50mm Summilux f/1.4 ASPH and 90mm Summarit f/2.5.

I use a nice small Sekonic 308S meter that i picked up second hand. My sunny 16 / guesstimating skills are getting better, i often test myself and check with the meter afterwards in different light. But my ambition is to go completely meterless outdoors after a while.

For black and white i usually carry a red and yellow filter, plus a 3 stop ND for those open shots.
The bag is a black Vinta S form Vinta CO. Wonderful backpack that carry everything i need when i travel, but i often use a Billingham Hadley Pro or a Ona Bowery as well depending on what i need to carry at that given day.
Regarding film, I’ve landed on Tri-X 400 that i develop in my bathroom at home in X-Tol. For my color needs i like Portra 400 and Ektar 100.
I will still shoot digital, but there is no way back, shooting film is such an enjoyable process that i really doubt i’ll ever stop again, and for my personal projects it will probably be my first choice.
Thanks for running JCH. I always find something interesting here, and hopefully i get featured as i’ve already picked up the limited featured pin from Asilda store and i can’t use it yet.  Haha!
/ Martin :)
Martin Fagerås – Oslo – Norway

Thanks for sharing your bag with us, Martin. That is a sublime setup.
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