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In your bag number 170, Paul Wilhelmsen Todays bag comes to you from Silicon Valley, how’s about that? Though this bag is much more retro than high tech. Check out the first bag I have featured containing a tape measure.

In your bag number 115, Mat Marrash Holy moly, what do we have here? That is right, a large format camera! Yay, I have been waiting for one of these to be featured for a long time. It is not often you see something like this in someones bag. So, lets see what we have […]

In your bag number 114, Jay Thomas Ok, we have a bag for you from the USA this time. And what a bag it is. I am a big fan of Billingham bags, especially when they are jammed full of beautiful cameras as this one is. Over to you Jay…

In your bag number 105, John Berner A bit of an epic bag post today. What we have he is not one, not two, but three bags for you! Yes, three bags. John has a lot of different gear and he wants to share it with us. This really raises the bar, who will out […]

In your bag #69 – Andy Midgley

2 min read

In your bag number 69, Andy from the U.K. Todays ‘in your bag’ is from a working photographer, Mr. Andy Midgley from good old Blighty. It is great to see one of those whopping great Fuji’s in someones bag. So, over to you Andy…

In your bag #67 – Cody Priebe

3 min read

In your bag number 67, Cody Priebe Todays ‘In your bag’ comes from Cody in Canada. Cody sent me a mail to show me his bag on Flickr and I asked him to send it here, so he has and here it is…

In your bag number 63, Jeremy Pangilinan Another lovely day in Japancamerahunter land, because we have another lovely bag for you. So, without too much of a kerfuffle I shall let Jeremy talk about his fantastic bags….

In your bag number 62, Kryštof Korč Todays bag is coming from the beautiful Czech Republic, just for you. Kryštof or Chris as he is also known has sent us two bags, his serious bag and his daily bag. It is great to see the difference in the bags. Over to you Chris…

In your bag number 59, Harold Passini Hi there baglovers, we have another cracking bag for you today. This belongs to Harold who is from…er France…I think. Judging by Harold’s fantastic website, which is all in French. So, without further ado, over to you Harold: