Film News: The triumphant return of Kodak T-Max 3200

Film News: The triumphant return of Kodak T-Max 3200 After a week of teasing people on Twitter and going for the viral win, Kodak has finally dropped the bombshell, and it is a lovely grainy bombshell in the shape of T-Max 3200. Happy days. Back when I was a struggling student in the home counties, […]

JCH News: Xmas Shopping News (and free stuff too)

JCH News: Xmas Film News Ho-ho-ho Merry upcoming Yuletide from your friendly and not at all portly Uncle JCH. 2017 has been a bit of a dismal year on most accounts, but for film photographers it has been a cracker of a year. There has been lots of new film news and exciting developments, from […]

Film News: Polaroid and Fujifilm heading towards court battle

In what is potentially hugantic news for the industry, Polaroid is threatening litigation for trademark infringement of its iconic square frame on the new Fujifilm Square line of instant films. Polaroid claims that the border of Fujifilm’s square film (where the chemicals  needed for development are) is “essentially identical” to the ones of Polaroid. While the actual […]

Film News: New Washi Film Released

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Film News: New Washi Film Released

Film News: New Washi Film Released With cult status reached after bringing the niche “W” film to 35mm a year ago, Lomig Perrotin of Washi Film has not rested one bit and brings us a new hand-crafted film sequentially dubbed “V”. In case you hadn’t heard of them, their Japanesey take on standard film emulsions caused […]

Film News: FujiFilm, the end is nigh

Film News: FujiFilm, the end is nigh I can hear the haunting wails of Freddie Mercury going “another one bites the dust” as I read the latest news from our friends over at Fujifilm. That is if you can even call them Fuji”film” anymore as more film stock and formats are being systematically eradicated in a blatant […]

Film News: Dubble Film

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Film News: Dubble Film

Film News: Dubble Film For those of you in the know, Kono have been messing about with specialist films for a while and have come up with some very cool results. Now mobile app dubble has teamed up with analogue photographic company KONO! to launch a range of 35mm film; in response to the creative nature […]

#saveanalogcameras Campaign Livestream Event

#saveanalogcameras Campaign Livestream Event I have teamed up with and hit the road to be part of a livestream event being held in Tampere, Finland. You can join us through the wonders of the internets and be part of the discussion. Juho and the the team have finally been able to go through all […]

Why 35mm is booming…

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Why 35mm is booming…

Why 35mm is booming – And what might happen next – By Stephen Dowling In a guest post, Stephen Dowling of Kosmofoto shares with us his thoughts on how the 35mm film market has changed in the last couple of years, and how it might change in the future. Check it out. Agfa Precisa CT100. […]

Film News: JCH StreetPan 120 Pre Order

Film News: JCH StreetPan 120 Pre Order It has been a long time coming, but after much prompting by various people I have finally been able to get JCH StreetPan made in 120 format! Yay! When I released StreetPan last year I had no idea it would be so popular. It kind of bowled me […]