IN YOUR BAG 1761 – Jayden Guthrie

Jayden is back again, with an update to his previous bag, which was a banger too. This time around there is a a fair bit stuffed into this bag. So, let’s get into it without any further ado.

G’day, Jayden here again, this time with another bag!
I’ve previously written about my Ona Bowery sling bag setup, but things have changed fairly drastically since then, with the swapping of some gear, and an impromptu holiday coming up! Where there was once a Rolleiflex SL66, there is now a Hasselblad 500CM.


While I loved the Rollei, it had it’s limitations as a system camera. As most SL66 owners no doubt know, finding ANYTHING for that camera system was a nightmare. New lenses, different film magazines, and not to mention the fear of it failing (Look up a blueprint/X-ray diagram of the internals, You’ll understand why repairs are expensive…).
So it was out with the Rollei, and in with it’s sworn enemy, the Hasselblad.
Now that the Guilt of abandoning the SL66 for its historical rival has worn off, I can safely say it was a good move.I immediately realised that I was able to choose from a varied selection of lenses (in a fairly affordable price range, with good availability- another mark against the SL66), and have slowly built up a fairly comprehensive system of magazines and accessories to compliment it.

Safe to say, I’m a convert.
Now that I’ve got that out of the way, lets get down to business (Yes, sing it with me, you know the movie) and get on to the good stuff.

This time round, I am using my Brevite Jumper, since I’m indecisive and wanted to take the majority of my Hasselblad gear, so needed the extra room.

While the Jumper isn’t a pack horse by any means, it works for me, plus I generally like to keep things fairly basic in the bag department, since a proper camera bag would encourage me to fill all those pockets with accessories and knick-knacks…

For the Hasselblad, I’ve stuck to my two favourite lenses; The Planar 80, and the Distagon 50. Both awesome lenses, and fit nicely in the bag compartments.

The film mags however, is where I am significantly less sensible;
Two A12 6×6 mags, which I have just fitted Third party darkslide holders (Get yourself a set, they are super handy- they just use 3M adhesive tape and stick on the Leatherette)
An A16 Mag- includes massive dent and shrinking leatherette.
And finally, my newly added 2:1 panoramic modified magazine, with accompanying viewfinder mask. I recently did a write up on here about it- have a read if you want more info.
Moving on to the 35 mil gear- another appearance from my M6.
On it is the new Elmar 50mm 2.8 collapsible, which I should really just weld on at this point, as it is all I ever want to use on this body…
I should really upgrade to an 0.85 finder.
Moving on to film, is where the Variety is.
In the 120 tin, I have my bread & butter foma 100/400, a few rolls of Ektar ( not my favourite, but these rolls have sat in my fridge for too long, you know how it is), some Fuji Slide, 100 & 50 respectively, and a roll of Streetpan, that I intend on shooting Infrared. Trust me, get yourself an R72 filter, and give it a crack. You won’t be disappointed- I have shot some of my favourite images using it recently!
In the 35 mil tin, I’ve got much of the same; Foma, a roll of Rollei I.R 400, some Colour Plus, and some Portra.
All this loaded into the Jumper makes a pretty tidy & compact load, something that I’ll be able to throw on without much thought when my Fiancè and I head to Perth in a few days for some much needed time off.
Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to get packing- according to my Fiancè, I actually have to pack clothes too, and not just cameras. If only I was as good at packing the essentials as I am at camera gear…!
Thanks for the read, and have a good one.


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