IN YOUR BAG: 1730 – Jayden Guthrie

For this ‘In Your Bag’ and our ‘In Your Bag’ re-launch, we have Jayden Guthrie and his bag from down under. I will let Hayden tell it:

Ahoy! My name is Jayden, and this is my kit.

I consider myself a “slice of life” silver halide waster, and like to project my mood into the style of image I make at that time, be it dark and grainy B&W, or vibrant blue hues of Ektachrome.
It’s a fun way to visually graph what I am feeling, and for others to see the variance of my photography.
I live in the North-west of Western Australia, where the average temperature for 8/12 months of the year is 45°c.
So when I decide to go out and about for a photo walk/explore, A sling bag is a must. Nobody likes sweaty photo bag back!

The Bag

For a bag, I use a Ona Bowery, which I have found to be super versatile as both a E.D.C bag, and a pack-Horse to carry even the most CHONK of cameras!
Speaking of chonk, My beloved Rolleiflex SL66 is a regular companion on adventures. The ergonomics of the body are completely unmatched by anything I have ever laid hands on.
Plus that shutter slap alone makes me want to slam rolls through it!
My constant external eye is my M6, modded with a black paint MP lever, brass shutter button, and a JCH hotshe cover. These will all weather and tarnish with age, making a cool life story while it is in my hands.
A Voightlander 35mm 2.5 has lately been on it often, but a trusty TTArtisans 50mm 1.4 always follows.
For filmstocks, my flavour of choice for B&W is Foma 100 (It looks gorgeous in 6×6 with its stark #tones) while colour is changing regularly. I usually keep a roll of ColourPlus, Foma 100, FPP Retrochrome, and a roll of E100 in my Kodak carry tin. Depending on how adventurous I feel, I’ll use the larger style tin for extra 120 capacity.
I also keep a dummy roll of 35mm in the tin, if I need to test anything out, or If I just want to load and fire off the M6 like a fidget toy!


My utilities are as follows;
 -A Narva pen light (Has 3 modes; regular spot, and on the side, a large flood light with a super bright mode.) Which is usb rechargeable – super handy.
– A Leatherman Crunch multitool- a folding compact Vise grip style plier! How cool right?
– Folding Rayban Wayfarers
– Lens pen/Brush
And I also threw in my Phone, a Galaxy Z fold 3. Great as a compact tablet on the go.
My arsenal changes quite regularly, sometimes I want to travel light with the M6 and one lens, and others I want to go full Juggernaut and fill a photo back pack with the SL66, Horseman 970 Technical camera, and a polaroid SX70 sonar 600 modded. But at its core, this setup is the perfect mix of ridiculously gorgeous German engineering, ergonomics, and audio pleasure that makes me love film photography.
Thanks for reading!

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