‘In Your Bag’ Re-Launch!

We are currently at ‘In Your Bag: 1729‘ since launching the initial ‘In Your Bag’ with Bellamy’s ‘In My Bag‘ in 2012! Over the last decade we have had a massive array of bags, from all over the world. There have been many highlights and we have enjoyed seeing all of your bags from the photo community.

The original JCH bag shot


We have had some seriously cool and interesting bags! Some expensive/some cheaper, some ill shot/some professionally, and some even forgot the bag (please include the bag tho) but all certainly worth it. Also, was fun to notice the changes in gear over the decade, and decline/ rise of Flickr links to Instagram links. Above was Bellamy’s inaugural post! You can notice the lack of his Leica MP 6, although his Leica M6’s advance stroke was like slicing through butter. Below was my In Your Bag post, and no more Louis Vuitton thankfully!

Below (respectively) are some highlights in: IN YOUR BAG NO: 1223 – MING THEIN  who was among the most views according to our website analytics. IN YOUR BAG NO: 1173 – SIMON PROCTOR who’s spy bag was remarkably…different. And IN YOUR BAG NO: 1367 – ADAM PROSSER who had one of the cleanest bag shots ever.


Over the last year we haven’t been asking for “In Your Bag” features as much and just haven’t gotten as many. And you know what? We really miss seeing your bags! SO WITH THAT we are once on the lookout for more submissions. Send us a hi-resolution image(s) of your bag (please make sure it is horizontal) and its contents. Please include details about yourself, personal links, and what you shoot (don’t just send us a list please). Don’t forget an actual shot of the bag and please nothing offensive! We are all apart of the photo community. Make it fun, make it stand out. If you don’t want to use your real name then that’s fine too. Just make sure you get involved.
Send the bag shots here.


See our archive of our ‘In Your Bag’ features here

– JF