IN YOUR BAG: 1731 – Shane Rutherford

For this installment of  “In Your Bag”, we have Shane Rutherford. His bag features, what according to our social media polls…is the least popular Leica M (it beat the M1) in the Leica M5! I will leave it to Shane:

Hello! My name is Shane Rutherford from California. My content varies from week to week but I am pretty consistent with the bag when I’m out and about in urban areas. I have a proper backpack for rugged outings, but this beaten up old messenger bag that I’ve had since the mid-Aug seems to do the job just fine.

The Bag & Cameras

Typically I travel with up to three cameras at any given time mostly because I jump from subject to subject much like my ipod when switched to shuffle (yes that is an iPod 5 gen you see, your eyes are working properly). Last time I went out I brought along my Leica M5 with the Voigtländer Nokton 40mm 1.4 as well as my Sony Alpha a200 with a Minolta 28mm 2.8. I also typically bring an instant camera with me, I have my Polaroid SX-70 SE Sonar Onestep this time and it absolutely produces the best images of my Polaroids.

Everything Else

Outside of my cameras, I have various items that I use when I am on a photowalk or just out for the day. I carry a Sekonic L-718 (I used an ancient Weston Master from the 40s for years before) as well as an old Radio Shack dictation recorder. I also have the typical pen and pad just in case. Speaking of being overly prepared, I carry a compact screwdriver set and a surplus army angle flashlight, it helps in a pinch. I carry my film in a little draw string cotton bag, and another separate draw string bag for memory cards and spare batteries.

Then I have the item that I absolutely cannot go without during a walk, my iPod, which has survived 16 years (OK so it’s undergone a few surgeries over the years) my headphones vary by the week as well (another cause for my G.A.S.) last week I had my Bang & Olufsen Form 1s.

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