In your bag No: 1646 – Gregory Rejniak

Gregory is always ready and neatly displays the carefully curated contents of his daily kit.

Hello. I’m Gregory Rejniak. I was born and I’m living in Warsaw, Poland. I’m landscape architect.

I’ve started taking photos about 15 years ago with my dad’s Praktica VLC3. Then was a digital age in my photography journey. Few years back I’ve started to be bored of this perfection of digital photos, so I went back to my roots and buy my first „my own” analog camera. It was Nikon FM2. I still have it. Bumped and scratched but with a lot of history for sure. I love used cameras. I’m always wondering who was using that camera and what kind of photos was taken by it.

My adventure with film photography evolved, I’ve started to develop BW films and make prints on my own. I’ve also started to teach analog photography and darkroom secrets in local Community Center, here in Warsaw.

Now I have three Nikon film cameras: FM2, FA and F90 (aka Tank). I’m still shooting digital but only occasionally, on gigs like concerts and events. I want analog photography to be my passion and pleasure so I don’t want to make money of it. 

Professionally, I’m a landscape architect and graphic designer. Minimalist taste in my job continues in photos. I like clean compositions and spacious locations. My favourite topic is street photography and portraits.

U can see my analog photos on Instagram: @grzechowicz 

Here is what’s on the photo:

  • some vintage style bag I bought online. I don’t know the brand
  • my beloved Nikon FA with custom made (by me) wooden grip + Nikkor 50m f1.8 E + „Leica style” lenshood + PeakDesign anchors + red soft release button 
  • Olympus Stylus Epic (Mju II) with pealed off paint
  • some colour films like Kodak Portra 160 and 400
  • black and white classics ILFORD HP5+ (to shoot at night, pushed to 1600 ISO) and Delta 100 for smooth, low grain daylight portraits
  • sunglasses
  • earphones (Beats by DRE for iPhone)
  • iPhone charger
  • heavy duty Lightning cable
  • keys to my apartment, office etc.
  • Parker pen
  • Timex watch
  • Swiss army knife
  • perfume travel atomiser 
  • minimalistic leather wallet / card holder
  • leather coins holder
  • my business cards
  • iPhone 6s
  • Peak Design camera strap (best strap I’ve ever used)
  • old roughed up Moleskine soft cover blank notebook

Hope U like it


Gregory – Grzegorz Rejniak

Thanks for sharing with us your bag shot Gregory. Love the DIY approach to your grip.

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