IN YOUR BAG 1747: Kitty

For this week’s installment of “In Your Bag” we have our good friend of JCH, Kitty! She shows us her bag from her Tokyo trip. You can see her previous bag here.


I thought I should submit one in honor of my first time back in Japan after the corona apocalypse. It just can’t be more fitting to do an In Your Bag for JCH while in Tokyo!
I brought with me the Hasselblad 500CM that I recently received as a gift from my very kind and generous boss. He was moving back to the U.S. from Bangkok and wanted to offload some of his gear. The Hassy was always on my dream camera list and I just can’t believe I am a proud owner of one now.
I didn’t want to splurge on a prism meter so I got myself the sleek Keks 2.0 meter to match the black body. And since film rolls are being a bit of a hot commodity right now, I decided to also get a HassyPB (, an Instax Square back made by Hassy lovers in Thailand, so I can extend the use of the beast a little bit more.
As for the film, I brought with me Kodak Gold 200, Fuji Pro 400H, Lomo 400, and of course Cinestill 800T for the Tokyo neons and all the Christmas illumination events that are happening around town right now.
All this fit nicely and snuggly in a 15L Peak Design Everyday Backpack Zip. It’s also small enough to put under the plane seat.
And as you can see right behind everything is the JCH x Glamb hoodie! The shipping and import tax to Thailand would have cost me a 5-night stay in Tokyo so I might as well book a 5-night stay in Tokyo and pick it up myself!
(And Cheeza is life. It’s in all of my bags.)


Keep them coming folks, we need more submissions, so get your bag on

Send me a high resolution image of the bag. Optimum size is 1500px across. Please ensure there is a bag in the shot, unless you don’t use one. The more you can write about yourself the better, make it appealing and tell us a story. Snapshots of your gear with a camera phone and no words will not be featured.
Oh and don’t forget your contact details (Instagram, Twitter, Flickr, Grainery et al). Send the bag shots here. Not all make the cut, so make sure yours is funny/interesting/quirky. And please make sure the shot is of good quality, you are a photographer after all.