In your bag No: 1605 – Guillaume Rougeot

You’ll be green with envy when you see these lovely choices that Guillaume decides to tote on a daily basis. 


My name is Guillaume, I’m 25 and I work in Finance in London. I try to shoot as much as possible; mostly the weekends and when I’m travelling.

When I was young I had a crappy analogue point and shoot camera that I loved. I would take it everywhere and burn so much film that my parents would need to limit me by buying less film. Then digital came and I didn’t shoot much, I had a little point and shoot I didn’t really like.

When I saw the first Olympus OM digitals it reminded me of my old film camera and I decided I wanted to do some photos more seriously. I bought the first Sony RX100 that I still take with me today as a back up for my several film cameras then shortly after I bought an Olympus OM-2n. I really liked getting back into film and though it was much more fun than digital!

This is when I discovered your site and contracted a GAS. I bought quite a lot of film cameras and ended up owning some really nice gear. It’s been years I wanted to share my bag with your community and I finally do it today.

My bag is an ONA Union Street that I bought in Toronto 3 years ago when I was doing an internship there. I need to recommend Downtown Camera, the shop I bought it from, they are super nice and do a great job of film processing. It followed me everywhere and it is still in good shape. I really like their bags.

My cameras for this sunny weekend in London (That does happen!) are my beloved Leica M7 and a Konica Hexar AF both fitted with Deadcameras straps. If someone knows why my Hexar has the leatherette of the grey one, I would be interested? Anyway, I prefer it as it has a better grip.

For my Leica I own a 28mm Elmarit Asph, a 35mm Summicron Asph, a 50mm Summicron and a 90mm Tele Elmarit. I don’t carry all of them; the 35mm is my favourite so it’s the one I take when I go for only one lens, this week end I took the 28mm and the 50mm with me. The good thing is that they all take 39mm filters, this is why I went for the older Tele Elmarit rather than an Elmarit-M.

I also carry filters, some spare batteries, some cleaning accessories and a notepad.

For the film I shoot mostly black and white, my favourite film is the Ilford Delta 100. Here in London 400 iso film is more practical so I use either TriX or JCH Street Pan and when the sun is nice enough to show up I put a ND filter.

I have also included the neoprene case that is very useful when you want to take your camera in a regular hand luggage.

Then I have included my Omega Speedmaster 145.022-74, my Montegappa fountain pen, the Persol of Steve McQueen, my iPhone that I use mostly for Instagram stories and sometimes to take a picture when I have no other camera. Keys and wallet can be useful.

The passport is in the bag when I travel or go back to Paris.

I think that’s it then I went to  burn some film as the weather was super nice, I even got sunburnt!

I try to shot street photography and also a bit of architecture and portraits of my friends, 95% is in black and white. I would like to take more pictures with people in it but I’m a bit shy.

You can check my pictures on my Instagram:

Thanks for reading!


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