In your bag No: 1604 – Nick Chase

No objections your honor with Nick’s verdict to pack these wonderful goodies in his daily bag.

My name is Nick and I just recently graduated from law school in California. While I have more gear than I care to admit, these are my most recently used cameras.

Leica M6

I bought the M6 about six years ago dirt cheap (by Leica standards), not realizing that it was a “Panda,” and it has been in near constant use ever since. Mounted on the M6 is the outstanding Nikon “Millennium” Nikkor with the equally outstanding Amedeo adapter; this lens is eye-gougingly sharp and such a pleasure to  use (I often find myself just turning the aperture ring because it’s so smooth). 

Leica M5

I bought the M5 recently as a graduation present for myself, and, while beauty is in the eye of the beholder, I think it’s an incredibly cool camera. I first handled one at the Leica Store in NYC a few years back and I was instantly smitten by its heft, viewfinder, and all around beefiness. If ever you needed a Leica to anchor a ship, the M5 would fit the bill perfectly. It is also incredibly easy to use: the shutter dial, which protrudes over the front of the camera, is an ergonomic wonder; the metering system (which is idiosyncratic in the extreme) is easy to use and very accurate; and even the film counter is a work of art. In sum, it’s an amazing camera that I would highly recommend, particularly since it can be had for a lot less money than its more traditional counterparts. Mounted on the M5 is the 35mm Biogon f/2, the only lens I have ever bought new, which is as sharp as they come and produces that famous 3D effect that Zeiss is so well known for.

Mamiya 7II

This camera is super special to me. While I love the Leicas, the Mamiya is the camera I reach for when I’m doing “serious” work. It is just an absolute monster in terms of performance, and, despite its size, is incredibly light and easy to carry around all day. Also, the 43mm is my holy grail/ desert island lens. I waited years to get one, but I pounced the second I found one for sale locally at a price that was too good to pass up. In terms of operation, the Mamiya is the quietest/ highest performing camera I have ever used. Even now, having used it for 6 years, I am often convinced that the camera didn’t fire because of how quiet the leaf lenses are. Simply put, if for some reason I could only keep one of my cameras, it would be this one.

Nikon 28Ti

I have found myself deeply fascinated with high end point and shoots recently. I have also found myself interested in trying out the 28mm focal length, which is one I have never used before. As such, the 28Ti seemed the perfect choice. I got this one from a fellow Californian at a reasonable price a week or so ago and I am only just now putting it through its paces. I love the analog dials on top, and the camera is incredibly easy to use. However, this little guy is LOUD! the sound it makes when you turn it on/off is blender-like, but, that being said, it’s not so noticeable in a noisy crowd. I am still finishing up my first roll of film with it, so the jury is out on whether I’ll keep the little guy, but it is certainly a very cool camera.

The Bag

Well, nothing much to report here. It’s my old school backpack, which I have recently emptied of school supplies. I’ve never gotten along with messenger bags, so a cheap backpack is the best option for me.

I don’t know that my photography fits into any one particular style, but I am ride or die when it comes to shooting film. I began shooting film when I took a photo class way back in 8th grade and I have never looked back. I enjoy buying unusual (and often expired) film on ebay, but I have also purchased one of Bellamy’s awesome Bikkuri cases awhile back, which ignited a love affair with Provia 400X (which I have been stockpiling like a doomsday prepper ever since). However, my two go-to film stocks for color are Fuji Pro 160S and Kodak Portra 400, and my favorite BW films are Fuji Acros 100 (RIP) and Ilford Hp5 Plus. In terms of subjects, I like land/cityscape and candid portraits. I also like to think of myself as a street shooter, but I think that’s more aspirational than anything. 

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Thanks a ton for your consideration! Happy shooting!


Thanks for sharing with us your bag shot, Nick. Glad to hear another person share my opinion on the underratedness of the M5.

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