In your bag No: 1570 – Thomas Hammoudi

Thomas is quite partial to the rangefinder way be it digital or film and lays out beautifully his selection.

Hello guys !

My name is Thomas Hammoudi, and I’m a 28yo street photographer (and also blogger) from France. I’ve started photography a decade ago, when my father gave me an obviously inefficient & bulky Nikon F401 haha. Like many, switch from analog to digital for budget reasons, when I was a student, and now I’m working, I’ve started using both.

My main occupation, in photography, is street photography which I started two years ago, by shooting my everyday trip to work, from Rouen (in Normandy) to Paris. It’s kind of hard to do, the conditions are quite messy. I’m shooting in the subway or the train, there’s a lot of people, moving fast, and bad light, or no light at all ! I started doing this with a bulky reflex camera, quite discrete (thanks silent mode!) but very heavy, probably too much to be bear every day. So I change for a Canonet this summer, and the Fujifilm this winter. I don’t made any difference between my analog and my digital practice. The analog just appear to be quite limitative (you can’t change the ISO, speed is limited to 1/500th of a second), but except that, they’re pretty the same rangefinder cameras : You point, you shoot, no noises.

My main influences are Robert Frank (for the steam-of-consciousness style), Eggleston (love of the mundane), and Alex Webb for his amazing sense of layers.

 So, in the bag there is:

  • The bag itself, Billingham Hadley Pro Small. Exactly the size I need, no more, no less
  • Fujifilm Xpro 2, with a 35mm F/2 WR mounted on it
  • Fujifilm XF 23mm F/2 WR, my main lense for street photography
  • 2 Hyperioncamera straps, best bang for the bucks.
  • The Canonet QL GIII
  • A spare HP5+ film. I don’t shoot a lot when I get out, so 1 in the camera, and one spare is enough.
  • A empty film case, to keep the finished one in security.

Thanks for reading me! Have a nice day, and keep shooting fellas.

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Thomas Hammoudi

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