In your bag No: 1569 – Oliver Gill

Oliver keeps it real simple and ironic when he packs his bag for a promenade.

Greetings from Manhattan!

My name is Oliver Gill and I work as an urbanscape/landscape photographer for various department stores. For that I shoot on D810.

When I’m walking around the city I pack lite. Today is my Nikon F3hp with Nikkor 50mm f1.2 loaded with ektar100. I have not shot with this lens in over a year so it should be fun to play with that razor thin DoF.

I also have a Nikkor 20mm f2.8D for when I get to the new Whitney museum to capture its unique architecture.

The roll of film is Porta 160 which I have not yet shot with and am looking forward to see the colors.

Today is also the first day in a very long time that I will be taking a paint marker with me. I think the Whitney bathrooms may need a little bit of art ;).

My vape for when I start craving a cigarette after lunch.

And all of this goes into my 1992 Marlborough Unlimited backpack.  

I like to use my old D700 fx strap on my F3hp to make discerning photographers do a double take.

My site is

IG @OGImagining

Stay shooting!

All the best,

-Ollie Gill

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