In your bag number 234, Fridolin Messerer
A great bag for you today, this time from Germany. Fridolin is young, but he already has a passion for photography that is only going to grow. Check out his gear and his bag…

My name is Fridolin Messerer, I’m 17 years old, I live in Bremen Germany and I love shooting photoson film.

I got my Domke bag as a birthday present 2 weeks ago and I totally love it (I believe it’s an Domke F9)

In my bag I usually carry:
-My Contax G1 with 28mm 2.8 Biogon and original leather strap. I love the lens because it is amazing how contrasting and sharp it is….
-Film: I use b/w the most because of developing at home. My favourite film is tri x 400 and my second favourite is Kentmere 100. For colour I use Ektar. Then I normally have some other films with me. On the picture you can see an adox chs 50ASA and a really old T-Max 400. I have a really big film „collection“with a lot of expired and rare films.
-Fed 2. This camera is super cool. I use it at least as much as the G1 because its more like a „teacher-camera“ you can learn a lot about shutter speed, aperture and film speed and how it is all connected with each other. Also it is very quiet and a joy to use on the streets. The rangefinder is a lot brighter than on the most other Russian rangefinders which is very nice.
-Music. I all ways listen to music when I am shooting so I always bring my Ipod mini (yes it’s pretty old but works just fine) and my wesc headphones with me
-Cleaning stuff and batteries
-Macbook pro. I never bring this with me when I am out shooting because it is too heavy but I just want to show you the really cool Leica sticker on it
-Muji Notepad wit a parker pen and Bree pencil case
-Flash for the Contax (TLA 140)
-Pentax ME. I bought this because it’s super compact (I made the leather strap by myself)
-Konica Big MINI. This is the best compact (cheapo) camera I found. It has a really nice lens and that is all I want out of a compact camera (the only thing I do not like is that it has no lens protection)
-Seagull 4b. This is my medium formal camera in the moment because I want change to a bronica but for now I like it. I had a lubitel before and never used it but the seagull is more „professional“and I use it a lot.
-Filter. 2 filters for the seagull. I never saw those filters anywhere so I think they are quite rare but I am not sure.

You may be thinking that all those cameras would never fit in the Domke bag. And indeed, you are right I only bring two „real“cameras and the Konica Big Mini with me at one time.

Hope you enjoyed!
(sorry for the bad english)

Thanks for sharing your fantastic bag with us Fridolin. Sorry it took so long to go up, there is a massive queue now. But it did go up. I love the Big Mini and G1, low fi cameras that are inexpensive, yet produce great results.
Unfortunately Fridolin didn’t give us any links to click on. If you are reading this Fridolin, please add some links to the comments.

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