Show us your film: Film health check
As a doctor of film (not certified or registered but my mum told me I was) I can certify that this film is all genuine and in stunning heath. It is also absolutely and definitely of sound mind, unlike me.


This is my stash, an amazing gift from my girlfriend. surely 2018 it’s starting to be interesting already

Cheers from Italy

Taylor Elwood

Hi all, I’m Taylor Elwood, a 20 year-old college student and passionate photographer. I thoroughly enjoy photography, particularly with film. It is refreshing to slow down and be methodical when we live in such a fast paced world. I also enjoy experimenting with film, especially by cross processing. So here is part of my stash!
I am a big fan of slide film, particularly Velvia 50, so I like to keep numerous rolls of it at the ready. The boxes of Fujichrome on the right all expired between 1989 and 1995, and will be cross processed. On the left are various other expired films that I will one day get around to shooting.

I recently started shooting medium format film, and so my collection is not as extensive, but I still have a good variety here. I particularly enjoy shooting Tri-X and need to get more of it!

At school, I have a substantial amount of film as well, including about 40 rolls of expired slide film and 27 rolls of cold-stored Kodak Tech Pan.

Here are some of my favorite recent photos.

Ilford Delta 400

Kodak Portra 160

Fujichrome 50 exp. 1989 cross processed in C-41

James Lai

My stash of 135 & 120 – the 3 variants – color negative, B&W and also slides!

Yes, I did stock up on slides Provia400X – all in freezer waiting for the right opportunity to use them ;)

Shared a few shots of the films in the stash ;)

Fujifilm Provia100F

Ilford HP5+ (800)

Rollei Retro400s

Erica Chan

Thanks for having this website; it’s a great resource.

My name is Erica, and I’m from around Chicago, Illinois. I just started shooting film this past year (aside from my parents’ cameras when we were little). Currently my biggest reasons for shooting film are a) the ability to use old cameras, especially the mechanical cameras, b) the fact it forces me to think prior to taking the shot, and c) the variety of results I can get from different emulsions.

Here is my list of films:
Superia 200
Superia X-tra 400
Superia 800
Acros 100

Ultramax 400
Portra 160
Portra 400

Other brands:
Ilford XP2
Arista Edu 100

New to me:
Agfa Vista Plus 400, Provia 100f
So excited I got the Provia on sale and can try it out. I have never shot slide film so I am a little nervous, given the limited room for error. The Agfa film is talked about a lot on the internet and it seems to sit between the Fuji and Kodak consumer films so it should be interesting.

My IG handle: ericachanphoto

I do not shoot that much, or post that much online, but am slightly paranoid the cheaper film will run out or get more expensive, so this should last me quite some time.

Erica Chan

Have you shared your stash yet? Your hidden fridge? Come on, get involved.
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