Camera geekery: The Box is Back indeed as Hamm Camera launches the Nubox 1

Back in October of 2017 we did a little piece on the progress of Robert Hamm’s ambitious project and we’re pleased to hear now that all the blood, sweat and tears has finally paid off and come to fruition. The NuBox 1, a completely modernized new production box camera, took inspiration from the cameras of yesteryear and added features to meet the demands of the contemporary photographer; the company’s debut 6×9 medium format camera is the first interchangeable lens box camera ever made.

Per their press release:

This new production camera features a single shutter speed of 1/200th of a second, contemporary apertures of f 5.6 through f 32, and an interchangeable lens-in-the-cartridge design. The interchangeable lens-cartridge will allow the user to swap out lenses when they change film. The wide aperture, fast shutter, and interchangeable lenses are all a first in the box camera category.

Intended for the 1st-time photographer, student, and professional alike, the ergonomics of NuBox 1 were designed to allow for an always-in-focus design when using apertures of f 16 through f 32. With these apertures, everything from approximately 7 feet to infinity will be in focus. All the user needs to do is compose the shot through the view finder, press the shutter button, and wind the film to the next frame.

Correct exposure is based on the Sunny Sixteen rule. This rule makes it easy to shoot without automatic or electronic exposure. The camera is designed for use on a bright sunny day. The most common aperture of f 22 is the default setting. The shutter is xed at a speed that will allow the lm to be exposed well. When in a shady environ- ment, pull the aperture to f 16 (the next brightest setting). When in a brighter scene, pull the aperture out a little more to f 32 (the next darkest setting).

Savvy photographers will enjoy extended creativity of f 8 and f 11. These wide apertures will allow for compositions that include very shallow depth of eld. Photographers will find these apertures best suited for subjects between 7 and 9 feet from the camera. Offering beautiful bokeh (out of focus areas), as well as sharp crisp edges throughout the frame, the NuBox 1 is poised to be an exciting entry into medium format film photography for the next generation of photographers.

 Hamm Camera Company believes in the camera and its design. The NuBox 1 models start at $79 USD with free shipping in the USA and a lifetime guarantee. The camera will be made available to backers of the launch on Kickstarter starting January 15, 2018 and will be available for purchase for thirty days. Shipping of retail packaged units will begin in July 2018.

Packaging: Each model ships in retail packaging, contains a fully illustrated user manual and quick start guide, a complete NuBox 1 camera (frontplate, backplate, and main body), one standard eld of view lens-cartridge, two sets of winding knobs, two sets of apertures (one set containing f 16, f 22, and f 32; and one containing f 8 and f 11), and two empty 120 film spools.

For additional information and inquiries check out the links below:

Hamm Camera Company on the web at

Kickstarter link:

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Looks like an interesting and fun option to add to the arsenal. Yay or nay? As always your comments are welcome.