The Rolleicord TLR, a beautiful and capable camera
I have always been a bit of a fan of the TLR camera, and there are not many more beautiful than Rolleiflex cameras. Rolleicord cameras were designed to be the less expensive brothers of the Rolleiflex cameras, but that does not mean they are any less capable. Nowadays when you think of a cheaper version of a camera, you can obviously see the difference. But this camera comes from a different era, when quality was much higher.

This camera is the beautiful Rolleicord Vb Type 2. The serial number suggests that this was an earlier type 2, produced in the early 70’s. At the time of production this was considered be be almost on par with the Rolleiflex cameras of the time. You can tell the rough date of production of this camera not only from the serial number, but from the Rollei-Worke in large type under the taking lens. After 1971 this was changed to a smaller type.
The Vb features a Xenar 75mm f3.5 Schneider Kreuznach taking lens and a Schneider Heidosmat 75mm focusing lens. It comes with a Syncro Compur 1/500 shutter and X-sync and will take 12 frames on 120 film 6X6.

But aside from all of technical details, this is a very beautiful camera. The classic design makes look like an antique, something from a bygone age. To me this is the ultimate self portrait camera, as it looks so cool in the shot that you cannot help but to include it. As this camera is meterless, you have to either train yourself very well to gauge light or you have to carry a light meter with you, which is not such a bad thing really. Using a TLR really trains you to be patient, as you have to really work on your framing. Some might say it is not really a street camera, but you only have to look at the work of people like Vivian Maier to see that it is a very capable street camera in the right hands.

This particular camera is in absolutely mint condition. It comes with the original hard leather carry case, hood, filters and strap. It is a stunning collectors piece and worthy of anyones collection, but it is also a wonderful users camera, and does not deserve to sit on a shelf for the rest of its days.
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