In your bag No: 1489 – Renaud Dejarnac
Renaud is a returnee to the site, after a very long hiatus. This time he has changed his bag quite a bit. Check it out.

Hello guys, my name is Renaud Dejarnac, I am a french photographer based in Prague, the capital city of Czech Republic. I was featured here some years ago and my bag and its content have changed quite a lot.

If in the past I used both analog and digital cameras (and tried to carry all of them in my bag!), I became now an exclusive and fervent analog user. In my bag, I still have my faithful Leica M6 and my 35mm Carl Zeiss Biogon but now I have for less than a couple of years my beloved summicron 50mm version IV (which is my workhorse lens). And that’s it! All the rest is out.

I am more and more adept of the genuine Leica spirit and my motto is lightness and discretion. I am doing a lot of street photography and it helps in order to be invisible to only have a small camera with a small lens, that is why, btw, I have chosen the cron 50 type IV, because it is the smallest one. Walking all day in the city with a heavy bag is killing, so I try to be as light as possible. I chose the Ona brand because they make good looking but also practical bags. It fits well with my M6 leather strap from Tap & Dye. I am very happy of it. I keep a small notebook to take some notes, my passport and a lot of film rolls. I shoot in both black and white, usually in winter (especially in Prague where it is quite grey with a dim light) – or at night – and in color the rest of the year to capture nice colors and lights. I am devoted to kodak films (tri-x and portra 160) and the news of the rebirth of the ektachrome was for me orgasmic :) but I have recently discovered the JCH400 during my last trip to Japan and I have to say that I really like this film.

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate and to pay a tribute to Bellamy for having the courage to have created and to distribute a new film for analog users. It gives one more string to our bows. This is great for creativity, variety and simply for (analog) photography in general.

Thank you for that Bellamy!


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Feel free to send me your feedback and/or if you stop by Prague, do not hesitate to contact me for some photo sessions and, of course, Czech beers :)

Thanks for coming back to us, Renaud. I would love to come and enjoy some of that lovely beer someday.
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