In your bag No: 1599 – Andrés Luna

Andrés has mad Tetris skills as he packs loads of goodies in a modestly-sized pack.

It all started with my first venture as an entrepreneur back in 1992. After a very successful and exhausting summer I decided to change my current line of work to photography. So with no hesitation, I sold everything I had, took all my savings and sold my shares and went directly to the nearest camera store and bought a brand new Kodak Star 275 for about $15. Oh boy… People on my street are still talking about those legendary popsicles I used to sell from my mother’s garage back in El Salvador… I was 11 then and I still don’t know what possessed me to buy a camera… or THAT camera, it was terrible! But luckily, some years later my brother gave me his Minolta x300s and that was it. The journey had begun.

… Anyway, a couple of cameras and a few popsicles later…  I’m 36 years old, I live in Sweden and work as a photographer, I still have the same idiotic impulse to waste my salaries on cameras and lenses and I have no regrets!. My name is Andrés Luna and here is what’s in my regular-day bag:

1. Canon 5D Mark III: It´s heavy I know, this one is not always with me but it’s hard to leave it at home knowing it’s capabilities. Mounted, there’s a Canon 50 mm f 1.8. 

The strap on both canon are of my own creation. 

2. Canon EF 17-40/4,0 L USM that I use for landscape. 

3. Canon EF 75-300 mm f/4-5.6 

4. A useful remote control  RC-6

5. Extra batteries 

6. SD Cards and a Flash drive

7. Fujifilm X100F. This is like a well apreciated Couchsurfer in my bag. I recently won a portrait contest at the Stockholm’s Photography Fair and got it as my prize. So far we are getting along pretty well, but I don’t know, I’ve been in a long-term relationship with Canon… you know how it is.

8. Canon AE1. My favorite! The majority of my analog work has been taken with that work-horse. With this one comes two Canon lenses:  50 mm f 1.8 and a 100 mm Macro f 4. In this ocassion I have with me Ilford HP5 films with me, but I shoot JCH and Fujifilm as well.

9. Canon 100 mm Macro f4

10. Films. Currently using Ilford HP5.

11. An old but light and very stable (for it’s size) tripod. 

12. A note book, this one is a Moleskine cause I use it as well for drawing and sketching.

13. My favorite pen in the whole world. I’ve been using this specific color (a lovely brown) and brand since I was in school, not in production anymore but got lucky and found a full box on ebay.

14. A generic and half broken air-blower. I have to seal a hole in the back with my thumb every time I use it.

15. A Kindle. This compensates for the extra weight of the Canon 5D. 

16. Cell phone 

17. Earbuds

18. Flash light

19. Microfiber Towel

20. Lens cleaner

21. Kånken Fjällraven: For street photography, I use  it with a camera insert that I stole from my wife, she made it herself.

Thanks for the reading! 

Allt gott!

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