In your bag 319, Laurie Crofoot
Just look at this lovely bag. A great collection of classic and very capable cameras. Laurie has a great collection, so let’s see what they are used for. Check it out.

Hi everyone, I’m Laurie Crofoot, hailing from the Upper Midwest Wisconsin, USA. I’m a papermaker for the day job, but my passion is photography. I’m rarely if ever without a camera, and keep busy shooting our beautiful northwoods. I’m a self-taught amateur who’s been shooting digital for a number of years, the last two with my Nikon D700. I love long exposure and night photography, and have spent a good part of this year shooting the Aurora Borealis.

I started out many years ago with 35mm, shooting with a Werramat rangefinder that my father purchased in Germany in the 1960’s. In the 80’s I graduated to a Canon SLR, and passed the Werra on to a younger sibling. I’m happy to say I recently got the Werra back, although sadly the shutter speeds are no longer anywhere near accurate.

In the last year or two I started noticing film was making a comeback, and I caught the bug. Since then, film cameras have been turning up all over, and these are my babies, two 35mm and 2 medium format. My big girl camera is a Pentax 645 with 75mm lens, which weighs almost as much as a small auto but takes lovely pictures. Next is an OM2n which I found in a box full of gear at a garage sale. It came with a Zuiko 50mm 1.4, a 28mm 3.5, and a Tamron 90mm 2.5– all for the grand sum of ten dollars! (It pays to shop early!) Next is a Rolleiflex K4 and last but not least, my pride and joy– a 1964 Leica M2 with a Canon LTM 35mm f/2 lens on an M-mount adapter. Since I mainly shoot landscapes, I find that wide angle lenses suit me best. I shoot Ilford HP5 for the medium format, since I can develop that myself; there are no labs around here which can handle 120 film. I haven’t quite got up the courage to start developing C41 yet, but I know I will give that a try one day.

The Leica goes everywhere with me, usually in a purse. The rest of the gear goes in one of several bags which are repurposed into camera bags by the use of removable inserts. Hey, I’m a girl– I can’t have just ONE camera bag!

You can find me on Facebook, and my website is:

Laurie Crofoot

Thanks for sharing your fantastic bag with us Laurie. You certainly have built up an impressive arsenal since you got back into film.
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