In your bag No: 574, Stephan Spiegelberg
Stephan was one of the first bag shots, way back when. And he has decided to come out of the shadows and share with us his latest incarnation. Check out this epic bag.

My name is Stephan Spiegelberg (40 yo) born, raised and living in Hamburg, Germany, where I work as a sports-journalist and -author and kind of photoblogger at

Allow me, to tell you, what’s in my Incase Ari Marcopoulos bag:

Maybe my main-camera these weeks is my Hasselblad XPan with the 4/45mm lens. I love taking landscapes and portraits with this sweet japanese Swede. With the XPan I have the Acros and Extar plus my cable-release.

My love is the Mamiya 645 Super with viewfinder, winder, 2.8/80mm and 3.5/150mm lenses. The Acros is my first choice for B&W, the Portra 160 for color prints, but I had none today …

Brand new in my bag is the Ricoh GR with the APS-C-sensor. What a nice compact digital camera. Super fast, great quality of the files. Next to a hood I got the 21mm extra-lens and the filter-adapter (49mm). So I carry my Tiffen pouch for filters and the Thinktank SD-Card-bag.

You’ll find my photos on

my blog

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Thanks for sharing your new setup with us Stephan. That GR is seriously popular, it seems like everyone I know has one.
Check out the links and come and comment. Also check out Stephan’s original bag here.

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