In your bag No: 573, Dominique Hammer
Dominique brings us a varied and what looks to be a very heavy bag today. You can’t use everything at once, but there are certainly some choices in this bag. Come and check it out.

My name is Dominique Hammer, I shoot nearly everything except food & products. My portfolio can be found on

About one and a half years ago a Canon AE-1 fell into my brothers hands. I borrowed it from him and was immediately in love with this camera, it came with a 50mm 1,4 lens.
I liked the filmie-look, as well as the new “slow working attitude” with film.

My bag is actually not a camera bag, I am somehow fashion addicted and found most bags ugly. I bought this Andy Warhole signature-Bag at sales for about 18$.
When I have to carry more equipment I stick with the Lowepro Pro Runner – very useful, but ugly.

But lets start with my main workhorse, the only digital camera in my bag. The Canon 5d MkII.
I own a fine selection of lenses, lots of them bought second hand.

If I shoot film, it will be sometimes 35mm, but mostly medium format, because of the bigger negatives.

The Yashica 6×6 Mat 124 is my first and most used medium format camera, its lightweight, has a sharp 80mm F3,5, and a built in meter.

Mamiya 645 Super – I always wonder why I dont use it more often, because the 80mm F2,8 lens is fantastic.

Two weeks ago I bought a Mamiya RB 67 pro with a 180mm lens for 200$ or something – I couldnt resist. This week I will shoot my first roll of film with this beast, its a camera for real man – big, heavy, loud shutter.

My 35mm cameras are “everyday in my bag” cameras – one of them is always with me, I usually don’t leave home without one.

Canon AE-1: I switched it with my little brother for my Minolta Hi-Matic (40mm F2,8), which was my personal introduction to the world of rangefinders.
Rollei 35 S: 40 mm 2,8 Lens, tiny, great look, but hard to focus, since it has zone-focus only.
Yashica Electro 35 GSN: To me this is the most beautiful camera ever made. I simply love it, its a joy to use, the 40mm F1,7 is a great lens, sharp, nice bokeh.

I don’t have any preferences in film, at 35mm I use whatever I get and whatever is cheap. With medium format I often buy Ilford FP4, Pan or HP5. Sometimes Kodak Tmax or Tri-X.
I rarely shoot color with medium format, but if shooting landscape, I oftenly use Fuji Velvia 50 which i can highly recommend.

On a typical day of photography I end up with at least one medium format camera, a 35mm camera and some bw-film in my bag. Not to forget my glasses, tape and a box for used film.


Thanks for sharing your bag with us Dominique, a very interesting setup you have there, a little bit of everything.
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