In your bag No: 1574 – Nick Kramer

Nick hauls an impressive selection of imperative tools for his light stalking and displays them beautifully for us.

Hey JCH readers, I’m Nick coming to you from snowy Flagstaff, Arizona. I’ve taken up photography as my activity of choice from my father who enjoyed it quite a bit as well. Im a junior at Northern Arizona University and am currently minoring in photography. I tend to focus on travel and landscape though I’ve dipped my feet in just about every subject. I’ve been through an absurd amount of bags in the past few years and upon returning from a recent trip to Iceland where the duffel I was using ripped open at the seams and spilled all my gear out on a glacier I decided to pick up something a little more durable. I picked up this bag, an old Quantaray, at the local photo lab and film store here in town. Its actually proven itself incredibly useful as its held up on all my recent trips and fits pretty much all the gear I could need on an outing. Right now its at max capacity as I’m planning on heading to Utah pretty soon on a trip to Zion and Canyonlands.

On long trips like the one I’m about to embark on I try to be as diverse as possible with the cameras I’m using. For my main I’m using a Fujifilm X-Pro2 with a Fujinon 18mm and 55-200mm lenses (not pictured). I really love the size and rangefinder-esque appeal to the camera, as well as the size (ideal for travel) and image quality. I made the mirrorless switch after using a Nikon DSLR for years. I’m also carrying my go-to for instant gratification, a Polaroid SX-70 with corresponding pack of Polaroid Originals film. Also taking along the only SLR I have currently after thinning out the collection, an Olympus OM-1 with Zuiko 55mm (solid garage sale find). Last, and most importantly I have the love of my life, my Hasselblad 500 C/M. Picked this up insanely cheap, one of the perks of working at a pawn shop. With it I have two backs, a prism finder, a Zeiss 80mm Planar and a Zeiss 150mm Sonar. Also in the bag I have a couple of Zeiss lens wipes, a lens pen, some Staedtler pencils, a three-pack of Field Notes journal, a Maglite-Mini, three batteries for the Fuji, a few extra spools for 120, charger and memory cards. On the outside of the bag is mounted my Manfrotto swivel head tripod. As far as film goes, I’m packing a roll of Fuji Velvia for the Hassy and three rolls of 35; JCH Street Pan (Thanks), my personal favorite Kodak Portra 400 and finally en extremely expired roll of Arista B&W.

Thanks for reading, please check out my work on Instagram @dsrtdwllr and see you all on the road.

Thanks for taking the time and sending us your bag shot Nick, love that your go-to fix for instant gratification is analog. Nice, diverse set of kit.

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