In your bag No: 1680 – John Scott

John checks back in with a minimal update on his well curated zen black setup.

Last year I tried to shoot with only 2 cameras and a Gopro (for video). This year its much the same, except I am shooting with a Fuji Pro3 for video, a Yeshica Fx-3 Super for fun and my Leica M10 for stills.

The beauty of my Fuji + Leica set up is that I can use m-mount lenses on both bodies.

Leica M10

I added a bit of colour to my setup this year (silver). The M10 is a beast. Solidly built, with minimal buttons and oh so nice ISO performance. It’s my go to camera for fun travel shots.

The difference between this bad boy and my previous M240 is simplicity.

Fuji XPro3

This is a new addition. I was missing the video features on my Leica camera body – yes I know, pure, stills, etc – but I do capture footage when I travel, especially for work. So the Fuji is a welcome little addition that makes my minimal set up all the more versatile. But it does pick up every finger prints like nobody’s business.

Yashica FX-3 Super 2000

I always thought the name of this camera sounded like a sci-fi movie title. Like Space balls or 2001: A space Odyssey.

Apart from the name this is an old SLR camera that I found in an old shop. I have a bunch of old Fujicolour Super X-TRA 400 at home so I started shooting with this combo again.

I actually am using the camera to teach my son how to shoot properly and not rely on modern day camera metering. I ended up enjoying the experience so we shoot together with this camera.

Voigtlander 12mm f5.6

I love ultra wide angle lenses. Last year I had the 15mm from Voigtlander. Unfortunately the lens smeared due to the rear nodule being to close to the sensor on modern day Leica bodies. Well, I saved up my pennies and got the 12mm f5.6 mk3. It was definitely worth the upgrade because now I can shoot without any fear of colour fringing. Winner! This lens is almost permanently glued to my Leica.

Fujifilm 16mm f2.8

This was a recent buy. I was in Japan recently in Yuzawa shooting in the snow. I feared for my Leica so the Fuji XPro3 came out with the weather sealed 16mm (24mm equivalent). I wasn’t the most excited about this lens, but after using it for 7 days, it has now earned a permanent spot in my essential travel kit.

7Artisans 35mm f2

These lenses have been popping up everywhere. I was always curious about this lens and was lucky enough to win this copy from a photo competition.

I’m not a huge fan of the 35mm focal length. But after using this lens on the M10 I have become a convert. I love 35mm and this 7Artisans lens. Small, light, solid and sharp. This is a super sharp lens that has also become an essential part of my travel kit.

Carl Zeiss 45mm f2.8 Tessar

This is an old lens from my collection. I hadn’t used it for a while but recently rediscovered it. This and the Yashica DBS 50mm f1.9 stay stuck on my oldschool Yashica FX-3 Super 2000.

I love the pancake setup and the saving on size means I have a little extra room for lenses in the camera bag.

7Artisans 50mm f1.1

I was thinking of buying the Leica 50mm Noctilux. Then I remembered that I have a mortgage, kids and no money. So I had a look at the 7Artisans 50mm f1.1. Soft wide open but once you manually adjust the focusing (via the tool and focus chart provided) I have myself a super fast 50mm prime. I have grown to really like this lens. Stopped down is sharp, softer/dreamy wide open.

Harmonica (Ridley’s) + Monarchs playing cards

For those odd occasions where there is nothing to photograph and I find myself wanting to kill some time. I suck at playing the harmonica but it looks cool and I’m trying.

The playing cards, also cool but I don’t suck at playing cards.

Orbit Key

I am pretty sure I have OCD. The Orbit key is the perfect OCD companion. No jangling keys, everything in one place, organised like a swiss army knife.

Peak Design 5L Mark 1

My trustee camera bag. There are new versions out now in slightly different capacities, but I don’t need them. This 5L is perfect for my minimal kit. I also have the Peak Design camera leashes and lugs. Great little tools that allow me to interchange between cameras easily.

G-Shock watch (Bling)

Stylish time. I had some fancy knock off watch last year, but as soon as the weather got in that was the end of the watch. G-Shock is a nice weather proof alternative.

So this year I want to keep shooting primes. I have been printing my work lately so take a look at my channels for my personal work –





I also (re)started a pure black and white channel


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