In your bag number 229, Philipp Zecher
Todays bag is medium format heaven, with a couple of stunning cameras inside. Philipp is a German who is an ex Tokyo resident, so he knows a bit about shooting on the streets here. Lets have a look at what Philipp has in his bag.

My name is Philipp Zechner, I am a German currently living in Berlin. For personal pictures, I like taking street scenes, architecture and urban objects, and I am also into night photography. This bag is pretty representative for what I usually take with me when going out to shoot.

– Shoulder bag: This is just a normal shoulder bag, pretty spacious with some front pockets for film and filters.
– Mamiya 7, with 80mm and 43mm lens: I like this camera for its simplicity of use, manual control and image quality. The wide-angle lens is great for street photography!
– Fuji GA645: I love this camera! My first and only medium format snapshot camera, fully automatic and almost pocketable. I also like its futuristic design.
– Fuji Reala 100: My standard film, though I also use Portra VC.
– ND4 filter: Helps to reduce depth of field on sunny days (the minimum exposure time being somewhat limited on medium format cameras).
– Cable release: Used for night photography.
– Notebook and pen: Always with me, as I like to take notes.

Not in the picture: Panasonic Lumix GF1 with 20mm pancake lens, Gitzo Reporter tripod (for the night shots)

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Thanks for sharing your bag, I love the medium format combo. And what is that I see? A 120 pack of Reala? Wow, I know people who would do very bad things to get their hands on some of that. Well done.
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