In your bag number 230, Conny Johansson
I have a very cool looking bag for you today all the way from Sweden. The bag is a happy mish mash of Lomo film and digital and works very well. So lets see what’s in Conny’s bag…

My name is Conny Johansson and I shoot mainly landscape and street. I started with landscape photography about 5 years ago with the whole dslr setup. A tripod, a lot of different gradient ND filters, spirit level, cable release and of course a big back pack. First with a Canon 400D but that soon got replaced with a 5Dmk2. Through the years I’ve sold the 400D and all it’s lenses. I’ve still got the 5Dmk2 and four lenses though, EF17-40L, EF24-70L, EF70-200L and my latest favorite the EF50 f1.4. The back pack is replaced with a nice shoulder bag from Lowe Pro, a Magnum 200AW. But that’s a bag for another time, the bag I want to show you today is a completely different bag with a whole different content. So here we go.

This is my street bag. The bag that I use almost daily whenever I’m out shooting in the streets or just walking to the store. It’s a Think Tank Retrospective 30 and it’s just perfect. I would recommend this bag to everyone, it’s just that good. Attached to it is a Think Tank Pixel Pocket Rocket for storing memory cards. The cameras can be divided into groups of “real cameras” and “toy cameras” or by digital and analog. I prefer not to. Cameras are cameras and all tries to capture the reality in their own way. After a while you learn how they see and you can use that to your advantage. The Holga and the Sprocket Rocket are quite new to me and I love the result they give, especially the Holga with its square format, heavy vingetting and blurry edges. The Canon AE1 has been with me for almost 30 years now and still going strong. A great camera that sadly was forgotten for almost 10 years but is now in use again. It has a FD50mm 1.4 lens attached to it. With it I also use a Kelko ND8 filter that allow me to shoot in daylight with shallower depth of field. After this roll of film I’m going to replace the light sealing for the film hatch which is now secured with black tape. Underneath the Canon is the now already legendary Fujifilm X100, just one year after its release! It has the brown leather case and the lens hood. You can also notice the orange film on the flash, taped there to get the flash matching with tungsten indoor light. This has fast became my main camera. And I do almost all of my bulk photography with it. Lastly we have the iPhone 4S. “Serious photographers” mostly sneeze when you mention the iPhone but I really think it’s a great camera, especially with all those different camera apps to choose from. You take the picture and then instantly you can chose what look to go for. I would like to think of it as todays polariod! In the bag I also have a Lee cleaning cloth, some rolls of film, business cards and a black marker. Which I use to write down notes, on the backs of the Holga and Sprocket Rocket, when I do double exposures.

The full list of what is shown,

Think Tank Retrospective 30
Think Tank Pixel Pocket Rocket
Business Cards
Holga GCFN
Lomography Sprocket Rocket
Canon AE1
Canon FD50 f1.4
Fujifilm X100
Fujifilm LC-X100
Fujifilm LH-X100
A piece of Orange CT Filter
iPhone 4S
Steadler Permanent Marker
Lee Filter Cloth
Kelko Pro ND8
Fujichrome 120 Velvia100
Kodak 120 E100
Fujichrome 135 Velvia100F

My photos can be watched at my main site there you’ll also find the links to my other sites such as fb and flickr. I hope you have enjoyed what you’ve seen and keep up the good work with JapanCameraHunter!

Best regards,

Conny Johansson

Thanks for sharing your bag and your story with us Conny. It seems that you have found the perfect street bag for yourself. A very nice little set up.
Check out Conny’s site and make sure you comment too, it is lovely when you do.

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