In your bag No: 528, Brandon Sartain
Who says I only feature fancy pants bags full of fancy pants kit? What about this then? A genuine Vivitar set, complete with the original carry case.

My name is Brandon Sartain and I thought that I would share a special bag with you today.  This set-up was bought my dad on April 11, 1978 (one year after I was born). I think he used it a handful of times and then placed it in storage.  About two years ago I found it hiding under a guest bed in my parents home and asked my dad if he was ever going to use it again…his response… “where the hell was that thing”.  Needless to say, the camera has found itself a new home and is now used regularly.

So what’s in the pic?

– Marsand camera “bag” or case.  I thought this was one of the most interesting pieces in the set.

– Vivitar 400/SL with original hippie neck strap

– Vivitar 50mm f1.9

– Vivitar 200mm f3.5

– Vivitar 2X Automatic Tele Converter

– Some film, filters, and of course…cigars.

I love using this camera.  It’s not the sharpest, the quietest, or the most expensive but it reminds me what photography is all about…the feeling.  It was used by my dad to take pictures of my brother and I and now I’m using it to take pictures of my newborn son.  Let’s just hope film is around long enough so that my son can continue this tradition.  I have a few more bags that I hope to post soon.  Thanks for letting me share.




Thanks for sharing this bag with us. What a lovely bag and a lovely story. The camera has come full circle. I hope your son gets to use it too.

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