In your bag No: 527、Cédric Riveau
Wow, now this is a colourful bag. Bright and full of fun gear, this one is coming to you straight from Tokyo. Come and have a look inside this fancy bag.

Bonjour !

In advance, please forgive the poor English of a French guy.
My name is Cedric and I have been living in Tokyo for 12 years now. I am a photographer, I run a magazine about Tokyo’s culture and I teach French (a man needs putting icing on the cake). I had an exhibition between 2012 and 2013. Right now, I am preparing a book on a project I have worked on all 2012: taking random strangers in the streets of Tokyo, talking to them and writing their story with their portrait. I took more than 1500 persons in 366 days.

Usually, I don’t show the content of my bag but I like Bellamy’s idea that seriously reminds me the work of Robert Holden “The burning house” (link:
I wanted to be honest and present my everyday bag and not all my equipment. Therefore, you will not find big camera bodies or lenses as I never carry them on an everyday basis. I have a suitcase for my Nikon equipment but that is different as I understood Bellamy’s project as something you carry day to day. My iPhone is in my pocket and my tripod doesn’t fit in a bag…

Allow me to present the exact content of my bag.
The body is the Fujifilm X-Pro1 with three lenses:
– XF14mm f/2.8
– XF35mm f/1.4
– XF60mm f/2.8 macro
each of them is side by side to its hood. Of course, I have a spare battery fully charged all the time as the battery life of the X-Pro1 is one of its weak point.
Under, you find my iPad, a great tool to show my work, I use it as a portfolio and people are reassured when they saw so many portraits in it. Next to my iPad, my notes cover contains the discharges for publishing rights to be signed. So I always have a pencil. As I am in Japan, people also are reassured when I give them my business card, just above the pencil.
On the right upper corner, You’ll find a pen case, my keys, my wallet, a folded bag for shopping and a small pouch for emergencies.
The bag itself is showing a cute striped car and some of you will recognized the brand I am sure. The red bag is a padded protector bag for the photographic equipment. It has three storage zones in order to protect the body and the lenses.

I guess you noticed, I like stripes! ha ha
(BTW, the picture was taken with my Lumix LX5)


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Thanks for sharing your super colourful bag with us Cédric. That is a real dedication to the project portrait, 366 portraits. Well done.
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