In your bag number 208, Christopher Butler
A super duper project bag for you today. Christopher is living in LA and shooting a very interesting project. So, lets see what he is shooting this project with…

Life long New Yorker currently residing in Los Angeles. Proud Phoot Camper and Leica Explorer. I shoot with my Leica M and Tri-X almost exclusively, but this year a new project has me working with compact film cameras and every conceivable film stock. I use the GR Digital to keep things real and post daily digital snapshots, etc.

I’ve really enjoyed this series on your site, so here’s my contribution:

1. Incase Ari Marcopoulos camera bag. Super-comfortable sling bag. It’s perfect for the amount of gear I carry. The bag continues to elicit compliments and inquiries from strangers.

2. Nikon F3 HP with Nikkor 35mm f2.

3. A notebook. For notes, shooting log, etc.

4. 2012 daily planner. For the logging of “Decade Project” film rolls.

5. Kodak TMAX 3200: For dark moods.

6. Kodak Extar: For sunshiney moods.

7. Kodak Tri-X: For the Leica.

8. Kodak Portra 400: For the Nikon.

9, 10 & 11: My 35mm point & shoot cameras are all dedicated to my [secret] DECADE project, which you can read about here:

9. Fujifilm Silvi Black. I learned about this camera thanks to Sean Marc Lee’s In Your Bag submission on this site.

10. Decade Camera: Pentax UC-1 Picked this up for 15 dollars at the Pasadena Camera Show – a fast, responsive and remarkably sharp little camera.

11. Decade Camera: Olympus Stylus Epic Limited: obviously.

12. Leica M7 with titanium Summilux-M 35, pre-aspherical. This is my jam.

13. Ricoh GRD IV

Not Pictured:

Ricoh GR1v (currently under the care of Japan Camera Hunter)

X-Ray proof film boxes (totally indestructible and great for porting film around), sharpies, pens and pencils, Advil, gum, iPhone, glasses, sunglasses, et cetera, et cetera.


INSTAGRAM: @butlersinstagram
TWITTER: @butler

Thanks for sharing your lovely bag shot Christopher, I think the layout is fantastic. The decade project really interests me. I wish I had thought of something like that.
Check out Christopher’s links and make sure you come and comment. What do you think of the project?

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