In your bag No: 1488 – Nuno Cruz
Nuno comes back to us after a very long hiatus. And he comes with some serious gear and a fine looking Kazoo. Check it out.

It has been a while, many travels and photo bags that I would have like to have sent, but I always pack the night before the travel, when the light sucks and time is of the essence!

Since I started to shoot film more seriously I also started to follow your blog, it was great because of the learning experience about film and how to shoot with it, but bad, because you showcase a lot of nice, awesome and pricey cameras, and the GAS little devil is always lurking around the shoulder. Nevertheless, I must say that between going out and shooting, with film or not, I have amounted to a nice set of cameras that really provide good shooting experiences, not matter the occasion. Thanks for that!

Recently I started freelancing, so I got a Sony Alpha 7 MkII, because of the full frame sensor, but still, looking for that compactness that I cannot live without. Basically, all my digital cameras have always been mirrorless. Having some M lenses, I decided just to get just the body and a lens converter (from M to E mount), and so far it has served me well. Albeit it can get hard at some points, just using manual focus and prime lenses, that’s why with the money I will save from these jobs, I intend to get a lens more tailored for the assignments I get. It’s funny to see how this hobby is growing out of proportions.

Of to the bag, I am going for a 10 days road trip around Iceland, with some friends, so I properly packed ahead and had the change to take a proper picture of its contents. I am packing an all purpose bag, for some video footage I am taking my GoPro Hero 4, for general photography the Sony Alpha 7 MkII, and to capture those breath taking landscapes the Hasselblad XPAN. In case we run out of money I also take my Kazoo, people pay me well to be quite.

Love letter – card game
On love – book
A5 memo bottle
Hama Compact Traveler Pro Tripod (with modified head for Arca-Swiss mount)
Hama SD Card pouch with back up cards and mini to SD card converter
GoPro Hero 4, with grip, tripod mount, and backpack mount
HyperDrive ColorSpace UDMA2 for backing up photos and videos
Sony Alpha 7 MkII
Leica SF-20 Flash
Leica 50mm Summicron-M F/2.0
Leica 35mm Summicron-M F/2.0
Voigtlander 21mm Color-Skopar F/4.0
Manfrotto PIXI Evo 2 + Arca-Swiss type mount
Manfrotto Cellphone mount
JPCH 5x film box with 5x Portra 400
JPCH 10x film box with 8x Ekta 100, 1x Fuji Neopan 100 Acros, 1x Kentmere 400
Hasselblad XPAN with 45mm f/4.0
Cleanning kit
Peak Design Everyday backpack (20L)

I could not resist to take some black and white film, and try to achieve the greatness of Sebastião Salgado black and white landscapes. Will see how those come out.
Extra batteries, cables and chargers are, of course, part of pack too.

That’s it for this time!

Twitter: @nuno_cruz
Instagram: @nunocruzstreet

Thanks for coming back and sharing your bag with us, Nuno. Some damn fine cameras you have there.
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