In your bag No: 519, Adrian Muiño
Sweet, we have a bag from Argentina, somewhere I have always wanted to go and shoot. Check out this great mix of film and digital.

What is in my bag?

I live in Buenos Aires and I have been involved in photography since 1998. I have 3 cameras, each one for a different use; all of them are the upgrade of previous ones. I like travelling and taking photos, so this is my main subject.

1) Nikon D600

I use the D600 full frame DSLR for landscape and studio. I have several lenses for it; they were selected and keep after testing among others. Some of them were modified by me to fit and work with Nikon cameras.

I use old lenses because they give not so perfect images as “new digital lenses” gives. This way I obtain results closer to the film era. They also are less expensive and more robust than the new ones.

Tokina 28mm f2.8 MF. This is a small, simply and inexpensive wide angle lens that shows some barrel distortion but great for cropped sensor cameras.

Nikon 50mm f1.8 AF. The cheapest lens in Nikon´s line is also one of the best. IMO a must.

Nikon 50mm f1.4 MF. It is very sharp at f5.6 but not as practical as the AF f1.8.

Fujinon-X 50mm f1.2 EBC, this huge glass is the star in the collection. It has an incredible beautiful defocusing effect and crazy shallow DoF. It was extremely difficult to adapt it to the Nikon.

Nikon 100mm f2.8 E series. A sharp and cheap lens I use for portraits.

Fujinon T 135mm f/3.5 EBC, it is sharp, gives nice colors and bokeh.

Fujinon T 200mm f/4.5 EBC, good and retro-looking telephoto lens.

My accessories for the D600 are: a 5 million dollar bag (I recommend it), hand made hand strap, unbranded caps, high quality UV filters, Cokin filters, and cleaning stuff.

2) Fujifilm X10

I have the Fujifilm X10 for travelling across cities, street photography and every day use. It has a Super EBC zoom lens (equivalent to a 28mm f2.0 to 112mm f2.8!) and an X-Trans sensor. In contrast with top Nikons/Canon P&S cameras, the X10 has its own personality and needs to be properly set and use to get the most of it. Anyway love is blind and she looks great!

I carry my X10 in a leather case. It is rigid outside, soft inside and looks retro!

The camera has a hand strap and I use a UV filter as a protection instead of a cap. It allows me to be ready faster for shoot and provides weather and dust protection for the lens.

An extra battery and a power adapter plug are a must. The soft release is a dream and a good investment. I put in the flash shoe a plastic cap for protection and a 3” protective film on the LCD.

3) Minolta Dynnax 600SI

My 35mm film camera is a Minolta Dynnax 600SI. This was a very innovative camera that still looks and performs like the modern ones except for the AF. For metering it has a 14 segments sensor and use fuzzy logic, what in real life means that more of 99% of the shoots will be well exposed. It also has a retro style having all commands accessible directly by hand and a huge viewfinder.

The lens is a Minolta 50mm F1.7 Autofocus.

Here you can see more of my stuff, some DIY guides and my portfolio:

PS the camera behind the photo is a Nikon D90.

Thanks for sharing your bag with us Adrian. That is a great mix of film and digital that you have there.
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