In your bag No: 1465, James Gifford-Mead
James has a very straightforward and solid setup for us to check out. This is about as desirable as it gets for street photographers. Though I wouldn’t have a mug in my bag, my gear would get covered in tea.
I have only been shooting film again for the last several months since resisting the (very strong) urge to buy a Leica camera off ebay for years! I use digital Nikon cameras for my bread and butter work but shooting film after a long absence is making doing photography fun again!
I have wanted a film Leica for ages for at least three to four years so during a quiet Tuesday morning in the office I was browsing ebay as you do and i found a Leica M6 that seemed in good nick so in a moment of weakness i clicked ‘Buy’ so within a week i had my (new to me) Leica in my hands and I was in love!
After that in quick succession i bought a 35mm summicon (version four i think) which I took with me on my summer holiday with my wife where we travelled via car across France and Spain. I have always been fond of street photography and i follow a few of my chums on Instagram who are amazing at observing and capturing great scenes on the street. So during my holiday i attempted to have a stab at street photography which was great fun and i got a few snaps that i was happy with!

During my early twenties (a decade ago!) I owned loads of film cameras but there were a couple of cameras that stood out. They were the slim Ricoh GR1s which I took all over India and also a Rolleiflex that I loved taking portraits with. Stupidly I sold the twin reflex to help me buy one of my first Nikon digital cameras. I haven’t managed to get my hands on a Rolleiflex yet but I was lucky to buy myself a reasonable priced Ricoh GR1s which works great for every day snapping. I always have it in my pocket with a loaded Poundland film within it so i can snap my friends/family and also i have used it with (modest success) doing a bit of street photography.

On my days out into London or any trips overseas I carry these two cameras in my old Billingham black bag which i had since my 18th birthday (a whopping 16 years!!!). I better stop rambling on and leave like that.


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Thanks for sharing your bag with us, James. A very solid setup you have there.
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