In your bag No: 694, TORP
TORP has not one, but two bags. Well, they could be called pouches. Whatever they are they have some great cameras in them, check it out.

Hello, my name is TORP. I’m living in paris and architect. I shoot pictures since i was 16 years old. I started photography with a very old leica we had in the family and everyone had forgotten. It was perfect for learning the basics of photographic technique. Without really knowing what I wanted to photograph, i started taking pictures in Paris, in the country or when I went traveling for the holidays. Today, finally, I continued to do the same thing.

The contax G2 is very cool, it works as a “point and shoot” while having an extraordinary optical quality. I was able to make thanks to him very spontaneous images. With its specific flash, he makes beautiful portraits.
I like to say that I prefer film to digital. I find even more humble and traditional, more natural and more beautiful picture. It would also like the approach is quite different.
The Canon 5D Mark II is the first digital camera that makes me feel what I love in analogue photography. Image it produces is very different, but still, it is very rich and it is quite fascinating to watch. the colors are beautiful too. This is a device that allows a very modern form of expression
Iphone 4s is cool too, specially with VSCOcam …

Bellamy thank you for your site and your “in your bag”. it’s always cool to take a look inside.

Here is the link to Flickr where you can find a sample of my work

Thanks for the bags TORP. The G2 is a cracker, I love it. Those sunnies are pretty cool too.
Check out the link and make sure you come and comment.

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