Get Featured: Andrew Sharp
Andrew has been on the site before and is back again with a new project. Andrew shares with us a thoughtful and moving project that struggles with the overwhelming sensations that modern society thrusts upon us. Check it out.

‘This summer I lost myself. The chase of day fell on me; the masses of crowds, adults, children, and infants. It screamed at me and clawed at my ears, gauged at my eyes. Previous ad hoc living had been replaced by superfluity, it overwhelmed me as I ghosted through cities and people. 

Stepping out in the dark allowed me to bridge the shock of emergence. It granted me the opportunity to tiptoe around, to slide through shadows, and to be immersed in this inky blackness. I walked with ankles, bare and vulnerable to the icy air. Breathing, my nose felt like It had been doused in peppermint oil, it stung and punched and jabbed at me but i felt alive. 

I found a seat on the edge of the world where my limbs dangled over the ledge, where legs swayed with the current, and where i felt like a puppet on strings, manipulated by my master – the universe surrounding me. These photographing are of that emergence.

I’m shedding dead skin, but I’m breathing.


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