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Get Featured: Andrew Sharp
Andrew shares with us a project about a windswept place, that is as beautiful as it is unforgiving. I have always wanted to go and see the Outer Hebrides, but since I cannot I shall enjoy Andrew’s look at the place that he has been visiting for over 2 decades.

My name is Andrew Sharp, I’m a student studying Economics – based at the University of Hull, UK. Sometimes I make it out onto the streets, and sometimes I capture some photographs. On my outings I take my Zenit 11, accompanied by two lenses – a 58mm Helios and an 135mm SMC Takumar.

Off the west coast of Scotland lies the ‘Isle of Lewis’, it’s one island in a list of many known as the ‘Outer Hebrides’. For the past 20 years, I’ve roved this island as a result of my Grandparents living there, but only in recent times have I started to capture it with 35mm film.

Accessible by ferry and plane, this small and arid island is home to, well, not much at first sight but as you scour the island and set your sights on the vast endless plains of heather smothered peat a certain type of beauty does arise. It’s a place that has been stripped down to the core and a place where there is no room waste. This island is tough, the people are of a different breed. Its also a place steeped in history.

Time has seemingly forgotten this place, the Sunday Sabbath – a time set aside for rest and worship remains respected here, and on a Sunday, the place is eerily quiet. It was not too long ago as a kid that Sunday’s meant no playtime and no TV, in hindsight I’m not quite sure how I did survive those long days!

Perhaps this small island will welcome you on your next holiday.

Thanks for checking out some of work, and if you’re ever in Hull and want to hang out and take some pictures then do get in touch. You can see more of my work on my Instagram, below:



Thanks for sharing your work with us, Andrew. That must have been fun on a Sunday…And I thought the home counties were bad on Sundays in the 80’s.
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One comment on “Get Featured: Andrew Sharp”

    Dan Castelli June 8, 2016 at 2:17 am / Reply

    Hi Andrew,
    You’re sitting on a visual gold mine! With your insider status, you’ve got a great, long term project. Keep returning, keep shooting. The camera brand isn’t important, just record this way of life. With the present state of our globe, these residents are so lucky to live on their beautiful island.
    On this side of the pond, I’ve been watching the crime drama “Shetland” on my local PBS station. I love the look of the land, the light. My wife is getting tired of me saying if I traveled there, I’d shoot with a panoramic camera. And, I’m a terrible landscape photographer, but the land is just beautiful.
    BTW, your instagram account seems disabled.
    Wishing you continued good luck w/your project.

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