In your bag No: 1390, Ryan Yost
Ryan has a bag stuffed full of really cool classic cameras for us today. All of them great cameras, without costing an arm and a leg. Check out this well proportioned bag.

My earliest memories include running around a photography studio that my grandpa owned for over fifty years. I remember the furniture, the giant cameras, the lights, the backdrops, the props, not being allowed near the darkroom, watching my mother retouch photos by hand with paint, and being very excited when Paul Simon’s “You Can Call Me Al” came on TV in the back office. Unfortunately, my grandpa passed away before I took a genuine interest in photography, but I think of him often when out snapping photos. I’m sure these early memories are the reason I’m shooting film today.

I like to use as many cameras (and films) as possible. This bag was packed for a day-trip to Lake Erie.  I imagine that I may eventually settle on a combination of three or four cameras and a couple preferred films, but I’m not there yet.  Out of about a dozen cameras and as many films, I have most enjoyed the results from the Olympus XA with HP5 and a Canonet QL17 GIII with Fomapan 100. I develop all black and white at home in Kodak D-76.

The bag is a Lowepro Passport Messenger. This simple bag is just the right size for everything you see, and it includes a padded insert that can be slipped into a backpack as well.  It contains the following cameras:

·         Canon EOS 650 & EF 40mm f/2.8 STM – I purchased the body to pair with Canon EF lenses that I use when shooting digital. At first I was hesitant to pick this model up, but after a bit of research I came across an article on JCH that included the camera on a list of “unsung heroes”.

·         Olympus XA – The XA gets the most use out of the lot. It came locally from a great camera repairman along with a Mamiya C330 (not pictured). The XA and C330 make a wonderfully odd couple when they leave the house together.

·         Olympus XA1 – Found in charity thrift shop, this camera is currently loaded with a test roll of long expired Kodak Gold 200.  I’m shooting the film at 100 ISO as the XA1 can only be set to 100 or 400 ISO.

·         Vivitar CV35 – This see-thru gem was unearthed at a camera show for $5 with the intention of using it in Reddit’s r/analog $20 Challenge (results).  It is paired with the Kodak ColorPlus 200.

The Japan Camera Hunter 135 Half Case is filled with Lomography 800, Fuji Superia 400, Kodak Portra 160, Ilford HP5 Plus, and Kodak T-Max 100.  The generic bank bag is for small odds and ends (anti-static cloths, lens caps, friction tape, filters, etc.).  Last is my favorite accessory, the Giottos blower, which security at Disney World frowns upon.

I currently post photos on Tumblr at

Thanks, Bellamy.  I really enjoy the site!  It’s great to see what others are shooting with and their results.


–Ryan Yost

Thanks for sharing your bag with us, Ryan. Those are some awesome cameras, and it is cool to see you rocking the film case.
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