Show us your film: Have a filmy Xmas
It has been a while since I featured this. Mainly because some people didn’t use the link for the submissions and I couldn’t find their film stash in the mass of mails that I get. But I found some of them now. So here we go, some lovely film collections for you to enjoy.

Hilde Heyvaert

I would like to submit a photo of my, admittedly modest, collection of “film” (as some of it is Polaroid Zinc paper) ^^

The HEMA film is from a Dutch chain that is slowly out on a quest for world domination. The quality is so-so, but it does pretty well in nice natural light in a good camera. And well, it’s _cheap_ and comes with free development into negatives if you use HEMA’s photo lab (which I use anyway). Basically I have so much of it because I like to use it as test film in new cameras and in my action sampler (which does not deserve good film as it’s a crap, yet fun, toy camera). If the results aren’t good, at least I won’t feel bad for having used expensive film. Plus it costs me € 2,50 for 36 shots, which means I can use the money I save with this on nicer film. Such as Ilford.

I had more of it, but I’ve gone through 3 boxes already, oops.

The Lomography film I had been eyeing for a while, because some friends of mine shot with it and I liked their photos. I haven’t decided in which camera to use it yet, it’ll depend on what’s coming back from test rolls. I would like to try more of their film, but sadly we don’t have a Lomography Store in Belgium anymore, so I’m planning on placing a big order early next year to even out the shipping cost.

A roll of Ilford 3200 Delta, which is probably my all time favorite film. EVER. It’s sitting there waiting patiently to be used in an analog shoot later this month, together with that roll of Kodak T-MAX 100 120mm film. I do want to shoot Ilford with my medium format camera, but I feel like I’ve not practiced enough to start buying that. So for now I always get the cheapest black and white 120mm film my usual place has.

I have a bit of a weak spot for instant photography, so I always have several cardridges of instax mini film lying about. And I still have a sizeable stash of Zinc paper too.

And the box is what I keep my individual rolls of film in. It’s not as elegant or pratical as a real film box, but for now it will do.


Gildas Lepetit-Castel

auteur – photographe

Kevin Van Haesendonck

I’ve been on the site before ( )

and I’m glad to tell you guys that I’ve since moved to Ecuador, and have been here for 2,5 years now, got together with the girl of my dreams, got married and we’re expecting our first little one in October. My bag has changed a lot since that post ( more on that in another post). My stash is very varied. I’ve got a lot of expired Fuji film. I’ve been working at Fuji Ecuador for the last year now, and my boss is a photography veteran, in the warehouse we have TONS of expired film, which I use all the time, my favourite is expired Sensia cross processed in C41 because we don’t do E6 anymore. I develop most of the film at home. 

I recently got a whole batch of Astia expired in 2003, which I’m hoping to shoot this weekend in my heavily used RB67. The 35mm camera of choice is an F2 with 50mm 1.2. 

To sum up most of the film:










Foma 100,200,400

Xperia 400,800


Just one Impossible Project PX left

And I’m sure I missed a few.

I’m opening my own studio soon, and will continue developing my own film and offering it as a service for whoever comes to visit Cuenca, Ecuador

You can find me at

Kevin Van Haesendonck

Siim Vahur

just made small list on my films.

And just saw “Show us your film”.

This time – color only (C-41 & some E-6), its summer.

All time favorites: Velvia 50 (220 format), Portra 160

Some newer not-bad hippie-stuff: CineStill, Kono, Lomochrome



Foster Kerrison

I was on your “In Your Bag” feature a while bag (#782).

Here is my current film stash.

  • A couple of packs of Fuji instant film for my Polaroid 450.
  • Various B&W 135 films for my Minolta XA and/or Olympus XA3. The “MooVue” I used to shoot a lot in college days – we’ll see if this roll I found in my parents’ basement is any good.
  • The 120 in silver packs is an expired Lomo film that is pretty messed up – the paper backing shows up on the negatives. Good for experimentation though.
  • Tri-X for my Mamiya 645 Super. My favorite. A couple of examples attached.

Here is my website, and my tumblr. I post both digital and film.

Thanks again for creating this great place for all to share their love of film photography!


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