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It was a bit quiet on the western front, then all of a sudden *Boom* a whole bundle of submissions. Come and check out some of these sweet stashes.

Jony Wyss
I really like your website. So I deciced to send you my Picture. But there are a lot of spelling misstakes in my text.
I’m sorry about that, its not my mother tongue!

Show us your film: Budget Box
I haven’t got big stock of film, but i have a lot of cameras they are always loaded. The films are cheap, but i’m lucky with the quality…Sometimes, i use also a nice Tmax. (The leica was also cheap, really…)

The old Ilford-Film are not exposed, i found them in the cellar of my uncle.
The film-rolls are empty, they were only decoration. Some of them, I take for keychains. The old Kodachrome is expired in the year 1957!

When I find an old film, (not older than myself..) I allways expose and use it…just for fun. Sometimes, I achieve funny pictures with strange colours.
But i’m not only a Lomography-Guy…I like studying my object a longer time from different perspectives, sharpness and wait for a good image, that decelerate me…

Have a nice time…
Best wishes

Waqas Shafi
Hello JCH!
Here is my film stash from Brooklyn, New York! I recently took up, and fell in love with film photography, it is magical, really. I shoot a mix of 120 and 135 film; but I love the size of the negatives I get from the 120 film!
Most of the film is fresh and brand new, the cartridges without the boxes are mostly old expired film ranging from 1982-2007. I have a couple of rolls of Kodachrome 25, which I am still debating whether I should shoot it or just keep it as a collectors item.
I believe the Kentmere 400 is just rebranded Ilford 400, as far as I can tell. I have a bit more film on the way, which I will hopefully get a chance to share!
Here’s a few samples from different films:

Fuji Superia 400:

Ilford HP5+ 400

Kentmere 400@100:

Kodak Porta 400 (120):


Ilford Pan F 50:

Maurits Bollen
My name is Maurits Bollen and I am from Amsterdam, The Netherlands. I am in my mid-fourties and graduated from the Amsterdam Photo Academy last year. I am currently working on a book combining landscapes and portraits. In 2 to 3 years time I hope to have it published. Almost all my images are made on film, mostly Foma and Adox CHS Art.

This is my stash of film. I used to keep my wine in this fridge, but now it holds the more important stuff. Easy choice. Keep the films cool and drink the wine.

As you can see I am mainly a large format photographer. Since Adox stopped making the low ISO Art Films, I switched to Foma/Arista. Great film and very affordable. I have 4×5”, 5×7” and 8×10” sheet film in there. The remainder is medium format and 35mm film from various brands. About half of the 35mm is expired. The oldest is Fuji Superia 100 color negative film with the France ’98 FIFA world cup logo ;-)

Here’s two images I made on Foma-film and this is my website if you would like to see more:



Keep up the good work!
Cheers, Maurits

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