In your bag 1158, Stan Banos
Stan shares not one, but two bag shots with us. Though they are pretty similar to be honest. Come and check them out.

Encl are two shots: one, my everyday Lowepro Exchange Messenger Bag. It cost $30 (wish I got two- ultra lightweight, but no longer made) and is perfect for shooting throughout the length of the day (ie- travel via train, bus, foot). Got my F3 with a 20mm (shoot a good 75% of everything with that focal length), and a Widelux F8 in there (Tri-X for the Nikon, 125 ISO for the Widelux). As I get older, I tend to go lighter- I just throw one in the bag (usually the F3) if I’m local, along with a water bottle and a cigar; it’s hard to juggle 2:3 and panoramic format ratios simultaneously… two very different heads.

IMG_9242 copy

The “everything but the kitchen sink” shot is a Crumpler $6 Million Dollar Bag- the old school version, the new one is truly butt ugly. Usually take it on road trips where you can just throw it in a car (along with a Tiltall) and weight is not a factor. That has the Widelux and Nikon FM3A, along with: 16mm, 20mm and 28mm Nikkors, a 40mm Ultron (sharp as a tack and just perfect for vertical 3/4 portraits), a Nikon SB-28 speedlight, my trusty Gossen Luna Star F incident light meter (not pictured) and the requisite B&W film (1 roll of color for possible cataclysmic emergency).

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Thanks for sharing your bag with us, Stan. I love seeing a widelux being put to good use.
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