In your bag 1170, Efraín Bojórquez García

The first bag of the new look JCH site and it is a cracker. Some classic Japanese cameras and a whole bunch of film, just how we like to get things going. Check it out.

Hi, I’ve been reading your site for a while and am in love with the “In your bag” section.

I’m a software engineer living in Monterrey, Mexico. I shoot only for hobby and I’m back shooting film for a couple of years now after a long, long digital hiatus. I still shoot digital every now and then, but only when volume is required.

I love making street photo, but I don’t always have the time to go “hunt”. My other photographic passion are my wife and daughter to whom I dedicate most of my film stock.

Basically this is what I lug aroung every day:

– Chrome Niko Messenger bag.

– Asahi Pentax Spotmatic: “The Brunette” with battle scars. My favorite and inseparable one. When I get only to take one camera with me, this is the one. I use it mainly for black and white film, but has seen the occasional slide or C41 color film. She gets pampered once a year with the proper CLA. She has a Chinon 28 mm 2.8 mounted (superb lens!) and the classic Super Multicoated Takumar 50 mm 1.4.

– Canon AE1 Program: “Alma Rosa” (After my mom because of the “A”… corny, uh?). This is my “events” camera. The one I use in family gatherings and such. Here shown with a 35 mm 2.8 (mounted) and a 50 mm 1.8. This is my go to camera for color film and very rarely use it for B&W.

Both cameras were a gift from my father who got’em from friends that used to work in the press in my home town.

– Multibitz meter.

– Leather straps made by yours truly… not free of cuts, blisters and stains on my hands that lasted for about two weeks.

– Black canisters for B&W film. I normally carry only TriX and FP4, but a friend of mine gave me a 100 ft can of Arista Edu 400 to make tests (the can was opened in the customs… those bastards!!). After a couple of severely damaged test rolls, it turned out to be ok.

– White canisters for color film. Normally Fuji ProPlus 200 and Lomo 800. I love Pro400H and Portra, but I leave those for very special occasions.

– Moleskine notepad and pen for keeping notes for every roll: camera used, dates (loading, unloading, development), development notes, etc. I include the occasional taped in insert for a frame or set of frames when making experiments, multiexposures, long exposures, etc.

– Sharpie for marking the rolls when pushing exposure or doing anything out of my normal process with a film.

– A couple of knives: a good ol’ simple Swiss Army that is my pocket all the time and a Leatherman Squirt with mini pliers.

– Empty roll as a key chain from my local lab.

I upload almost all of my photos to flickr and my personal blog and share those vía Twitter. You can also find me in Instagram.
Twitter handle: @ebojorq

Thanks for sharing your gear with us, Efraín. Sorry to hear about the rotten bastards at customs.
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