In your bag 1127, Charlie White
A very cool and arty bag for you all today. That knife is not something you would be able to get away with here though. Check it out.

I’m Charlie, I live in Melbourne Australia. I like shooting portraits, but really whatever catches my eye.

I’m studying philosophy full-time at university these days, but I try to keep a camera on me all the time. I develop my own film and try to make a scragly darkroom wherever I’m living. If I’m doing a shoot I’ve planned, I’ll usually take a hasselblad or a large format camera, or a 5D Mark II. But for day-to-day walking, this is what I like to have:

Bag: I found this for 3$ at a junk shop. I’d been spending weeks looking at 100$+ bags, and my friend picked it up randomly off the shelf. I wanted something that could carry a laptop and a mirrorless camera, film and a few books, but was a simple slim design.

Camera 1: Leica M6 with a Zeiss Planar 50mm. How can you go wrong.

Camera 2: A little Minox 35 gl. Super cute little guy.

Prints: Often I’ll go to a darkroom in Fitzroy in Melbourne, and I’ll come back and pickup my prints when they’re dry the next day when I have time between class. There’s always some floating around in my bag.

Sunglasses: Found them at a garage sale for 5$, threw them out, a friend took them, bought them back from that friend’s housemate for 15$ a year later.

Tshirt: Always need a clean white tee. Nothing feels better halfway through a long day than putting on a fresh one.

Sunscreen: Gotta take of that skin – Australia’s sun doesn’t mess about.

Old 35mm Cannister

Film Case: A Ferrero Rocher 16 pack chocolate box, best film holder ever.

Zippo: Nasty Habit

Skate Tool

Japanese Higo Knife: Absolute nessecity. Very useful for cutting up backdrops, taking the sleeves off tshirts, and making lighting flags.

Notebook and Texters: Putting it on paper always helps.

The Problems of Philosophy by Bertrand Russell: I’m studying a philosophy degree, and this is a great little book. chapters that take about 10 mins to get through. Really useful for when your waiting for a model to turnup to a shoot.

Iphone and Macbook Air: (Standard).


Insta: charliewhitephoto

Thanks for sharing your bag with us, Charlie. I hear you on the sunscreen thing. It is mad down there.
Check it out and make sure you come and comment.

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