In your bag No: 1273, Marc Holstein
Marc is a returnee with a couple of bags for us. Perfect Sunday afternoon viewing. Check them out.

My name is Marc Holstein and i am a photographer based in Frankfurt Germany.

My bag has previously been featured on your blog and it has evolved a bit since so i thought i would give you an updated version of the stuff i lugg around each day.
i split my gear in two bags, one is a pure film based setup, the other is digital with a small film camera as backup.

Let my start with my Digital Setup.

Bag :
Domke 803 canvas. a great little bag that can fit a lot of stuff inside. this is my daily bag as it is small and does not really look like a photobag.

Midori Traveller Notebook

Cameras :

Sony A7 II. my go to camera for digital. it takes every glas i own, makes fantastic pictures and is easy to use with the live view. i just upgraded from the A7 which was fantastic in its own right.

Ricoh GR1S. it broke down but Bellamy was kind enough to offer a repair, so i sent it to Japan and i am happy that i got this fine little camera working again.

Lenses :

Leica Noctilux F1 V4
stellar lens with such a unique rendering. i am a huge fan of Mandler lenses and this Noctilux is as good as it gets. its my default 50 and i use it as often as i can. Actually i downgraded from the 0.95 because i prefer the rendering of this older glas in the Nocti range.

Sony Zeiss 35 FE 35 1.4
stellar lens with a modern zeiss look. 30cm focus distance i great. i used to be a 50mm guy, but after getting this lens it gets used quite often.

Samyang 14mm 2.8 FE

brilliant little gem for landscape and urban photography. works like a charm and is quite inexpensive.

the film setup :

Bag Domke F2 Navy Green

Cameras :

Hasselblad 500 C/M
i have always wanted one, so when i sold my digital Leica body i pulled the trigger and got this body with 3 lenses. Shooting with it is a whole different ballgame, i am still learning but i know one thing for sure : i will never sell this camera :).

Leica M6 with 35 Summilux
a classic setup, the m6 is simply stunning.

Hasselblad Lenses :

Zeiss Planar 80 2.8 Silver
this lens came with the camera, some numbers have been rubbed off but i can still use it fine. considering its age, this thing is still amazing.

Zeiss Distagon 50 FLE
since i am planing to shoot more landscapes with film i found a nice deal on this lens. so far i can say that it works great, i might just need a lenshood for it.

Zeiss Distagon 150 4.0
this came in the package with the DIstagon, i am going to use this for portraits.

you can find my work on instagram :

and Facebook :

Thanks for sharing both of your bags with us, Marc. Nice to see two really different setups.
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