In your bag 894, Ron Marquez
Phew, sorry for the delay. After battling some site issues we are finally back online and hopefully this time for good. And Ron’s bag is the perfect welcome back. Come and check it out.

Hey, I am a big fan of your website and would like to thank you for keeping it going.

So a little bit about me. My name is Ron from sunny San Diego, CA where weather is always great. I am an engineer who takes every chance to escape the office. I have been into photography for only about 3 years and have been into film photography for a year. After stumbling on your site, I saw so a few post of people using a canon ae-1 and remembered my dad using one as well. I ended up buying one exactly like my dad’s. Before I knew it, I ended up selling my canon slr in favor of film gear.

The gear I carry in my bag depends on what I want to photograph. It’s hard for me to shoot on a daily basis so I try my best to get out on the weekends. Usually I carry around a 35mm, 120mm and a digital in my bag. Since I am still discovering film photography, I’m experimenting with different films, and different themes (portrait, street, architecture, landscape).
The bag I use is usually a Domke-FXB shoulder bag. That’s my “lets walk around Downtown” bag. I also have a Wilder & Sons Backpack for those days I need to hike up something, or need extra space.

I use a Minolta x-570 for general film use. Some street photography, some portraits, and whatever else I want to shoot. It’s small and the all black gives it a stealthy look, like a ninja. People don’t even notice that I’m taking a picture. The 35mm focal length is one of my favorite lenses for street use. Usually loaded with portra 400 or ektar 100 just because I have chemical readily available. I rotate this camera with the ae-1p using black and white film.

I am a big fan of the 6×6 format. I don’t know what it is, but the moment I saw square format portraits, I knew I needed to get it in my bag.  I have a Yashica Mat-124g. It was a random find from a local camera shop. It fits very well in my hands. It’s light weight, alot smaller than some of the other 6×6 cameras, and it’s shutter sounds like a ninja…silent!! Lots of people have stopped me to ask/talk about this camera, not cause they heard the shutter but because of it ultra good looks. I guess that’s one way of meeting people, have a cool camera.

I also have a digital camera at hand, but have been relying less and less on my Fuji X-Pro1 and having more faith in my film abilities. I have a 50mm equivalent lens for regular street use and a 21mm equivalent for those times when you need some space. Fuji has done a awesome job with this camera, from the way it feels to the images it has produces. Perfect travel camera in my opinion. The best cameras are the ones that make you get out and shoot is what people have said, and this camera has side-lined my mkii.

Other things I carry in my bag are my 9five shades ( to protect my eyes from the Sun Diego sun. Sekonic L-308s which I scored from a camera store going out of business. Suck to see a camera store close down, but got a killer deal on this and lots of rolls of Tmax :D!! And the only way I carry film around is to use these JCH film cases.

Summary of my bag:
-Minolta x-570
-35mm f2.8
-Yasicha Mat 124G
-Fuji X-pro1
-14mm f2.8
-35mm f1.4
– 9Five eyewear shades
– Sekonic L-308s
– JCH film cases

Thanks again for the awesome site JCH!!!
I don’t really post up alot of my photos, but every now and then I put up a pick or two.

Thanks for sharing your bag with us Ron. Nice to hear how you got into film.
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