In your bag 1126, Jon Jacob Arcinas
JJ shares with us his bag of legends. 3 different compact cameras that are legends in their own right. Check it out.

Greetings from Orange County California!

My name is JJ, short for Jon Jacob Arcinas. Yes Jon Jacob, i hear that song every time haha. I have been shooting for 7 years now, and i don’t see myself stopping anytime soon. I don’t have a specific type of photography, I’m willing to try out anything! I do enjoy automotive, portraiture & street photography.

I shoot digital and film. Surprisingly, i’ve only been shooting film for 1 year. It beats sitting at a computer editing pictures all day. Shooting film has definitely made me a better photographer because it slows me down, and i put more thought into each shot.
I’m hooked on film! Buy film not megapixels right?

Here is what I would like to call my “Minimalist on the go” setup. This is what i would bring most of the time for my street photo outings. Excellent quality in such a small discreet package, you really don’t need anything else.

The Bag: Chrome Niko Sling BLCKCHRM LTD

I also have a Billingham Hadley Pro but i would say this is my favorite and most used bag. Very well padded, weatherproof, and it looks cool haha. Perfect for when i go for a ride on my bike or skateboard. Compact size, and very stable when worn. I also love the seatbelt buckle. The click assures everything is buckled up and ready to go without worry.

The Cameras:

Ricoh GR – This is my take everywhere digital camera. Excellent image quality, fast, and very portable. Best image quality that can fit in your pocket. Snap mode works like a dream for street photography. I also use this as my play camera when i want to save money on film. Selfies, food pictures, you name it.

Contax T2 – Everybody’s favorite compact film camera, Am I right? Titanium body, great glass, and the aperture ring on the lens is a godsend.

Konica Auto S3 – This is my first and only rangefinder, until i.. get a Leica of course. The images that come out of this thing surprised me. It is VERY sharp, the lens is often compared with Leica lenses.

The other contents within:

JCH halfsize film case – I love this thing. Keeps everything organized, and i always get complements! You’ll usually find Portra 160/400, Ektar 100 or some cheap Fuji Superia film.

MagicFiber –  One wipe on the glass with this thing summons a genie that will clean and make your pictures so good, people will want to pay a lot of money for em. ;D

Thats pretty much it. Plain and simple.

Instagram – Check it out and follow me haha @jj.arcinas
Flickr –

Thanks for sharing your bag with us, JJ. I love the legacy compacts you have there. Excellent.
Check it out and make sure you come and comment.

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